Website transparency report cards: Pa. gets an A+, York County a D

Check out Sunshine Review’s relaunched website, which offers deep information about transparency at the local and state levels — and gives letter grades to let you know how your area is doing.

The site gives Pennsylvania an A+ for its online offerings, but pans York County’s site, giving it a D and saying it lacks meeting agendas, permits and zoning information, and lobbying information, among other things. Sunshine Review notes that the county does publish things like audit reports and meeting minutes.

York City got an F, though it’s not clear to me that Sunshine Review has evaluated the site yet, because the city’s site does have, for example, budgets and audits up.

The site also grades school district websites. More on that later … but you can check it out for yourself. For anyone interested in keeping tabs on agencies that spend your tax money, Sunshine Review has put together quite a site.

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One Response to Website transparency report cards: Pa. gets an A+, York County a D

  1. Justin M. says:

    Yeah, it looks like York City hasn’t been graded: and,_Pennsylvania
    (Full Disclosure: I work for a gov’t tech contractor who benefits from open gov)

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