Congressman says Homeland Security plays politics with FOIA requests

The California Republican invoked another California Republican when he called the process “Nixonian.”
I responded on Twitter that I thought politics had zero role to play in whether an agency responds to a FOIA request, or how it responds to one. I liked these words in the story from John Verdi, who is director of open government for the Electronic Privacy Information Center:
“We are not aware of any other program that has singled out FOIA requests based on politically sensitive content or the identity of the requestor. Political review delays the release of records and raises the specter of wrongful performance.”
He also said that federal law prohibits agencies from picking what to respond to based on political considerations, according to
The agency said the investigation Issa referred to was biased and didn’t allege wrongdoing, according to the story. A Virginia Democrat, Rep. Gerald Connelly, was quoted as saying the agency was trying to be more responsive to requests. 
What do you think?

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