Palin e-mails out today. They’re already controversial.

At 1 p.m. today, the state of Alaska is releasing 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin’s e-mails while she was governor. The e-mails are being made public as a result of media and citizens’ requests in 2008.
Volunteers are going to the state capitol there to help sort through them., Mother Jones and ProPublica are producing a website that will be a free searchable archive of the e-mails. is live-blogging the release.
 Major media organizations are gearing up to read them and see what news they produce. Some, in fact, are asking for people who aren’t necessarily journalists to help them go through the material. (See here and here.) 
  Needless to say, some people either don’t think this is a story, or can’t believe media organizations are asking people for help. One anonymous comment on the site says, “This is a joke, right? I am both liberal and a registered Democrat, and I think this smells.”
 Comments on the New York Times’ blog post asking for people to help them go through the e-mails include, “Don’t you folks get paid to do this work yourself?” and “I don’t remember the NY Times asking the public to go through then Senator Obama’s emails to find newsworthy materials…”

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5 Responses to Palin e-mails out today. They’re already controversial.

  1. psumba says:

    This sounds like a case of PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) …
    The poor woman and her family have suffered enough! Isn’t there a penalty somewhere for “piling on”?
    This is why I never want to run for public office … even though I have lived an exemplary life. Actions like this ensure that we get only the mediocre to lead us!

  2. psumba, true, if you put yourself out there as a candidate for public office, you’re likely to get scrutinized. Meanwhile, FoxNews’ Greta Van Susteren weighed in on whether this is fair to Palin ( and The Washington Post details the thinking behind its call for people to help its reporters go through the e-mails (

  3. A journalist and open-records advocate bemoans the attention being paid to, and the resources being devoted to, the Palin e-mails:

  4. the dodger says:

    I bet her spell-checker got quite the workout huh.

  5. psumba says:

    Does this mean that I can get access to ALL of Charley Rangel’s tax evasion conviction evidence from the House ethics committee?
    … but no one seems to care about corrupt government officials if they like them …
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Sarah Palin a private citizen and NOT a candidate for any elected office?
    … but then this comes from a media that didn’t see anything funny about Barak Obama … until he fell out of favor with the Left for starting a third (Libya) and soon fourth (Yemen) war in the Middle East?

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