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State salary study doesn’t single out Pa. — except for prompt response to records requests

Sunshine Review‘s study of state government salaries looked at the most populous areas in several population-heavy states, including Pennsylvania. One interesting thing it found: Pennsylvania was the state with the “quickest response rate” to right-to-know requests. Eighteen local governments fulfilled every … Continue reading

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Super PACs a big story, but York County money isn’t flowing to them so far

Super PACs are one of the stories of this year’s political campaign season, with court rulings that allow corporations to contribute as individuals would and allow the groups to spend as much money as they want. I was curious about … Continue reading

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A note about our teacher salary database

Sometimes, stories that have been on our site for a while show up in the “most popular” listing, which shows stories with the highest number of clicks in the preceding 12 hours. Our teacher salary database, published as part of … Continue reading

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Open records setback: Court rules birth dates can be withheld

You might have seen that the state Commonwealth Court last week ruled that the state government can withhold dates of birth from public records requests. The court believed expert witnesses who said releasing state workers’ birth dates, along with their … Continue reading

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Petition seeks to get federal government to get its records online

This online petition appears on a part of the official White House website called “We the People/Your Voice in our Government.” It asks that the federal government get all its records online. If a petition gets a certain number of … Continue reading

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