Original documents are foundation of report on York County businessman, court judgments and Alabama project

The work by reporters Sean Adkins and Lauren Boyer on today’s story about a York County businessman who wants to build a massive city-and-road project in Alabama — but who (with his companies) owes millions to businesses in York County — is an example of how open records can be a vital source of information.

It’s also an example of our commitment to making the documents we use in our reporting available to you to see for yourself. We believe having the documentation available allows you to go deeper into the story if you wish, as well as bolsters the credibility of the reporting behind the story.

In the course of reporting the story, Adkins and Boyer made repeated trips to the county courthouse to compile a database of open judgments against Mathias and businesses he owns. They entered key information into their database, and you can see what they compiled by scrolling down to the box labeled “Court case search.” If you click “Search,” you’ll see all documents; or you can type a name into the search bar to look for something specific.

Selected documents are available in a couple of different ways:

  • There are excerpts in the interactive graphic titled “Mathias’ mark in Pennsylvania.”
  • Copies of documents from five cases that Adkins and Boyer wrote about are embedded at the bottom of the story under “Court documents related to Shah Mathias.” They are searchable, and you can click on them to scroll through the entire document.
We compile documents used in our reporting, as well as searchable databases and other data, at our Datacenter webpage. 


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