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Kony controversy sparked our latest look at nonprofit finances

Our latest effort at reporting on nonprofit finances grew from the controversy surrounding a video that urged an all-out effort to catch Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army in central Africa. The nonprofit behind the video, Invisible Children, faced accountability questions after the video went viral across the world.

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How much are labor unions giving to which politicians? New website provides numbers

A new website lets you see how much money Pennsylvania labor unions are giving to politicians.

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2012 Secrecy Report: Sunlight Overshadowed |

An open government update brought to you by Record Tracker via Evernote. The report says that “positive changes from the Obama administration’s open government policies nevertheless appear diminished in the shadow of the President’s bold promise of unprecedented transparency.” For … Continue reading

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Gov. Tom Corbett administration’s records denials called public ‘abuse’ |

An open government update brought to you by Record Tracker via Evernote. For more open records resources, visit: YDR Datacenter My open records resources folder in Evernote.

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New on YDR’s datacenter: Causes of death, Paterno FBI file, more

We’ve added some things to You can see: –An interactive graphic showing the causes of deaths in cases investigated by the York County coroner’s office since 2003; –The complete FBI file on Joe Paterno; –Documents associated with the potential … Continue reading

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State moves to manage York schools’ finances; documents help tell the story

Nobody’s saying a whole lot today — yet, anyway — about the state’s decision to declare York City School District to be in “financial recovery.” It’s a legal term that, if it survives a challenge by the district, means the state would appoint someone to lead the creation and execution of a plan to straighten out the district’s finances.

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Editorial asserts agencies could keep public in dark by using 30-day extension

This editorial from The (Hanover) Evening Sun shows what can happen when events outpace the right-to-know response from an agency that requests a 30-day extension to figure out whether it will release a record.

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At the fair, some online research defuses tipster’s concern over tax bill

First guy I met at the York Fair today asked me to look into House Bill 4646, which would impose a 1 percent tax on financial transactions. Legislators were going to sneak it through after the election, he said, and when it went into effect, we’d all be paying 1 percent for things like depositing a paycheck or moving money from account to account.

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York County, state, federal open records: A starter kit of resources

I’m getting ready to spend some time at the York Fair to talk about open records, and in preparation, I put together a starter kit of public records resources on the bookmarking service Evernote.

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Meet me at the York Fair and let’s talk open records, government transparency

You may have heard about this four-wheeled mobile newsroom we call “Newsvroom.” The YDR’s mobile media lab debuted last week at the Central-West York high school football game. There’s lots of reporting on that at the link above. Next, Newsvroom will … Continue reading

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