How open government data helped fuel information about Hurricane Sandy

From Alex Howard at Strata:

As citizens look for hurricane information online, government websites are under high demand. In late 2012, media, government, the private sector and citizens all now will play an important role in sharing information about what’s happening and providing help to one another.

In that context, it’s key to understand that it’s government weather data, gathered and shared from satellites high above the Earth, that’s being used by a huge number of infomediaries to forecast, predict and instruct people about what to expect and what to do.

Read more about how open government data drove some of the key resources for Hurricane Sandy, such as the Google Crisis map. We used the crisis map as an anchor for live coverage of the storm, for example (scroll down in the window).

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  1. Hi Alex,

    We used Hess’s pdf from to create a free tri-state fuel availability app (requires signup).

    We searched high and low and could not find any other open data on gas inventory, either governmental or from any other gas companies. If you know of any sources please let me know.

    Gene Vayngrib
    CEO Urbien

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