Pa. high courts soon will post online more financial information, including salaries

Pennsylvania’s higher courts are going to put online more financial data about themselves.

Beginning Dec. 17, you’ll be able to see how much money a court is getting in its budget, how much it’s spending each year and who’s getting that money, how many workers it has and how much they’re paid. Names of employees will not be listed, according to a news release from the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.

The information will be available for the state Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth courts, and the AOPC.

“The expansion of the fiscal disclosure policy is consistent with the principles of the recently enacted PennWATCH Act, balanced with the Supreme Court’s constitutional authority to independently administer the judicial branch,” according to the news release. ” Like this action by the Supreme Court, PennWATCH is aimed at fostering accountability and transparency by mandating the posting of state government expenditures and compensation on a searchable website.”

The courts already had a website that included information on contracts and purchase orders. The new information will be added to that site, the news release says.

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