Sandusky lawyer: State has no legal right to revoke pension

The Associated Press’ Mark Scolforo reports that the AP used the Right-to-Know law to get a copy of a letter written by Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer that appeals the state’s decision to revoke Sandusky’s pension.

Sandusky’s pension was worth $59,000 per year, but the Pennsylvania State Employees’ Retirement Board revoked it after the former Penn State assistant football coach was sentenced in October on his child sex abuse convictions.

Scolforo wrote:

Sandusky attorney Charles Benjamin’s five-page letter to the board, written two weeks ago, was obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press through the state Right-to-Know Law.

Benjamin’s letter says Sandusky’s pension rights vested in 1969 and weren’t changed by later amendments to state pension law. He argues that Sandusky wasn’t a Penn State employee after tougher forfeiture rules were passed in 2004.

The retirement system yanked his pension after Sandusky was sentenced in October to 30 to 60 years in state prison for sexual abuse of 10 boys. He’s a retired assistant football coach.

Benjamin didn’t immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

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  1. Ya, I also believe that state has no legal right to revoke pension.

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