Police bids to serve West York provide look inside city, Northern York regional departments

West York flirted with getting rid of its borough police department and contracting with another local department for service, before deciding against it.

York City and Northern York County Regional police made bids. After West York decided not to pursue contracting for service, it shredded the bids — which were public documents and should have been retained, according to Melissa Melewsky, media law counsel for the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association.

We filed right-to-know requests with the respective police departments to get the bids. Here they are. They’re interesting to look at not only because you can see how they pitched themselves as the best agency for West York, but because of what they reveal about each department’s philosophies and finances.

For example, city police break out costs for overtime, police vehicle and fuel, among other things. Northern York’s has department financials, how it decides when and how to staff the department, and the breakdown of where its calls for service came from, among other things.

Check them out. If you find anything newsy, let me know.

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