State provides suspended dentist’s letter to patients recommending HIV, hepatitis testing

Springettsbury Township dentist Dr. Jacquline Marcin, suspended after a state inspection found her practice had not properly sterilized some instruments, says she has fixed the problems and intends to practice dentistry again. The state worked with her on this letter to patients:

Letter from Dr. Jacqueline Marcin to patients by York Daily Record/Sunday News

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2 Responses to State provides suspended dentist’s letter to patients recommending HIV, hepatitis testing

  1. Lynne Huddleston-Ruff says:

    My two sons and I have been patients of Dr. Jacqueline Marcin’s for the past 14 or 15 years. My sister came on board when she returned to the York area in 2007.

    This June, when we heard the news that Dr. Marcin’s license had been suspended by the State of PA, we were all baffled. After having experienced a variety of dentists as an army brat, then as an army wife, and currently as a civilian, I was immediately impressed with Dr. Marcin. I observed her to be one of the most competent and diligent dentists I have known. Her skills and knowledge are exceptional, her dental staff top-notch, and her perpetually cheerful and positive demeanor demonstrate her love of dentistry and her respect for her patients.

    My family has been tested as recommended by Dr. Marcin and the State of PA, so far at no cost to me. It is my understanding that a number of her patients had been tested at the particular lab that we used and that all of our paperwork was being kept together. I surmised that this would be for insurance claims.

    As has been reported by the state, there still have been no reported cases of HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C as a result Dr. Marcin’s practices. Even more compelling, however, is that discussion with the lab techs revealed that they had heard nothing but positive comments about Dr. Marcin, confirming our confidence in Dr. Marcin and our skepticism about the source of the state’s report.

    I have been deeply troubled by the enormity of negative publicity the media has afforded this issue and the notable scarcity of balanced reporting. The trend to crucify individuals based on biased reporting seems to be an epidemic these days. I would like to see the media interview those of us who will continue to utilize the high quality skills of Dr. Jacqueline Marcin, and then publish our stories.

  2. Lynne,

    Thanks for writing. I’ve alerted Sean Adkins, who’s reporting on the story, to your comment.

    It’s important that experiences such as yours become part of the story. Often in cases such as this, the person at the center of it (in this case Dr. Marcin) does not publicly comment, and it can be difficult to find people to say, for example, what you’re saying here.

    For those reasons, I respectfully disagree with you that we are crucifying someone based on biased reporting. That would indicate we’ve had plenty of people tell us about experiences like yours but have decided to print only the stories of people who’ve had bad experiences. That’s not the case.

    Thanks again for writing and adding a needed layer to the dentist’s story.

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