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York City denies request for report on former Human Relations Commission director

The City of York has denied a Right-to-Know request seeking the Human Relation Commission’s independent audit/report on former executive director Stephanie Seaton’s case files.

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So, why wouldn’t an agency grant a teen’s RTK request?

An #opengov champion at 13 years old: Teen wins access to Chambersburg Area School District’s HYPE data #transparency — scott blanchard (@scott_blanchard) April 16, 2013

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How do you know when you should appeal an open records denial?

knowing when to appeal an open records denial isn’t always a science. But this case illustrates one way you can decide whether to challenge a denial and, basically, that is: Don’t take an agency lawyer’s word that your request meets an exemption in the law.

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I agree: Pennsylvania government is too open. Here is a top 10 list of ways to solve this vexing problem

Because the public’s desire for information about the government it pays for is clearly out of control, I feel like we need to do something to protect state officials and legislators. I have helpfully compiled the top 10 solutions to the problem of the public knowing anything about public officials in state government:

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Why, why, why do agencies insist on doing this?

Bit of a stream-of-consciousness post here, but … I recently talked to a reporter who is filing an appeal of a rejected right-to-know request. The information we requested is public — not only is it presumed public based on the … Continue reading

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Do terrorists groove on road salt? New Jersey seems to think so

Honestly? This is silly: New Jersey believes terrorists could benefit from seeing plans for a barn to store road salt, so it won’t release the plans.  On a serious note, the person who filed the request suspected the plans were not … Continue reading

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Open records office: SE schools right to withhold investigative report

Education reporter Angie Mason reports the following: The Pennsylvania Office of Open Records has upheld the South Eastern School District’s decision not to release a report resulting from an investigation into administrative staff.     The York Daily Record/Sunday News filed … Continue reading

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Hitting 1,000

The state Office of Open Records had its 1,000th appeal filed recently. This was the first year for the new office. It serves those who are fighting state and local agencies for the right to access public documents. The 1,000th … Continue reading

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Carroll Twp. denies info on development; residents’ group appeals

The state’s Office of Open Records has told Carroll Township it must prove why plans for a proposed development should be kept from the public. The township denied a request from Carroll Citizens for Sensible Growth for a traffic impact … Continue reading

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Are we to be trusted?

I just read reporter Nickie Dobo’s story about a York County resident who asked to see a copy of the working budget for South Eastern School District. No, the district said, we won’t give you that. It’s only a draft, … Continue reading

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