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How open government data helped fuel information about Hurricane Sandy

How open government data drove information available to people during Hurricane Sandy.

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Data organization sues to get more information on detained immigrants – ABC News

The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse has sued to gain access to more information about detained immigrants.

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At the fair, some online research defuses tipster’s concern over tax bill

First guy I met at the York Fair today asked me to look into House Bill 4646, which would impose a 1 percent tax on financial transactions. Legislators were going to sneak it through after the election, he said, and when it went into effect, we’d all be paying 1 percent for things like depositing a paycheck or moving money from account to account.

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FOIA story: Is there such a thing as too little U.S. debt? Yes, said this report.

National Public Radio used the Freedom of Information Act to get a government report from 2000 — back when the U.S. was taking in more money than it was spending — that looked at what would happen if the country … Continue reading

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Federal government auditors, inspectors saved billions of taxpayer dollars in 2010

Did you know there are people in the federal government working to save money instead of spending it? This report says auditors and inspectors general saved the feds $87.2 billion last year. One agency recovered more than $90 million in … Continue reading

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Which government agencies have the most popular Facebook pages?

The website govloop, which says it is “by and for the government community” and says its mission is to “connect government to approve government,” pays attention to openness as it relates to government agencies. A blogger recently posted a list … Continue reading

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Two things real quick: 1) Bill would restrict Pa. coroners’ info; 2) a local effort to correct a federal agency’s mistakes

Two interesting open-records-related stories in the paper this weekend: 1. A bill that would restrict public access to autopsy reports is awaiting a vote in the state Senate.┬áIt’s a classic argument: Coroners cite privacy concerns; open-records advocates cite accountability concerns. … Continue reading

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Here’s Obama’s long-form birth certificate

The White House released this today in response to questions about whether he was really born in the U.S., The Associated Press reports. White House spokesman Jay Carney says Obama felt the debate over his birthplace had become a “sideshow” … Continue reading

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Budget cuts threaten, other transparency sites

Reports are that, a federal website designed to increase the public’s access to information about agencies, will shut down along with several other similar transparency websites. The Sunlight Foundation is running an online petition drive to send a message … Continue reading

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Congressman says Homeland Security plays politics with FOIA requests

 @SunshineReview asked in its #foiachat today if anyone had any thoughts on Rep. Darrell Issa’s charge that the Department of Homeland Security was running some Freedom of Information Act requests through political appointees. The California Republican invoked another California Republican when … Continue reading

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