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Hanover school district’s ban on cameras at demotion hearing a ‘gray area’ in public access

Whether cameras should have been allowed at a demotion hearing for a Hanover school district principal might come down to whether the hearing met the definition of being public. A Hanover school board member shoved a camera into a wall at the recent hearing because the district’s lawyer had decided cameras weren’t allowed. (They are allowed at other public meetings).

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Hanover school board member grabs WHP-21′s camera to eject crew from meeting

This isn’t something you see often: A Hanover school board member pushed a WHP-21 camera into a wall, according to the TV station’s report, as she tried to eject the camera crew from a public meeting.

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A reader’s questions, and answers, about the Pa. Sunshine Act

A reader checked out this post on Pennsylvania’s Sunshine Act and e-mailed me some good questions that I wanted to share: Question: Case law indicates that one-word explanations to justify an executive¬†session do not suffice. The officials must be more … Continue reading

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Some useful things you may not have known about Pennsylvania’s open meetings law

Here are some tips and info about the state’s Sunshine Act that might come in handy from an hour-long seminar given by Melissa Melewsky, legal counsel for the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association. Some of these are things I didn’t know, so … Continue reading

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Reader question: Does Sunshine law require executive session for contract negotiations?

A concerned taxpayer in York County asked the following: “…do you know if school boards (and other public bodies) are REQUIRED to negotiate contracts behind closed doors? … I know that contract and personnel matters MAY be discussed in closed … Continue reading

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State supreme court: Philly council can’t limit public comments

Jeff Shields of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports today that the state Supreme Court has told Philadelphia’s city council that it can’t ban public comments at regular council meetings. Shields’ report continues: “The court ruled, 4-3, that Council was in violation … Continue reading

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One up, one down in Pa. public access issues

Up: The Valley News Dispatch reports that a judge ruled a local school district violated the open meetings law “when it held a closed-door session with shopping center representatives last year to talk about a tax assessment appeal.” The newspaper … Continue reading

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Meet me at …

We had a reader ask where he could find municipal meeting listings. You could go to every municipality, authority, board or school district Web site. Or you can do some one-stop shopping. Check this out. I’ve been using this site … Continue reading

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