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Feds declassify documents about telephone metadata collection; newspaper reports on new NSA tool to gather info on your internet use

The U.S. director of national intelligence declassified and released three documents that explain more about the federal government’s collection of phone call and other data in its effort to find and stop terrorist plots.

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NSA to citizens asking for own records: Nope, we can’t tell you that

Fantastic. Can't even get your own records from them. // NSA Rejecting Every FOIA Request Made by U.S. Citizens — scott blanchard (@scott_blanchard) July 27, 2013

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Three bright ideas, and one bad call, on open records

Three bright ideas 1.¬†With Kickstarter Funding, FOIA Machine Wants to Help Fix Public Records FOIA Machine, a platform that aims to streamline the process of tracking of filing and tracking public record requests, has raised more than $29,000 on Kickstarter … Continue reading

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Kony controversy sparked our latest look at nonprofit finances

Our latest effort at reporting on nonprofit finances grew from the controversy surrounding a video that urged an all-out effort to catch Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army in central Africa. The nonprofit behind the video, Invisible Children, faced accountability questions after the video went viral across the world.

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Twitter censorship drama: Were NBC execs trained in Pennsylvania regarding private email addresses? aggregates info revealing that Twitter told NBC that a Guardian reporter’s tweets were critical of the network’s Olympics coverage. Those tweets included the work email for NBC’s president of Olympics coverage. In an email to Poynter, NBC vice president … Continue reading

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Pa. Supreme Court OKs grand juries that could replace public hearings in witness intimidation cases

The state Supreme Court reinstated “indicting grand juries,” or grand juries that would determine whether prosecutors have probable cause to hold a case over for trial. The goal is to reduce witness intimidation, the court says. Unlike at a public … Continue reading

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Bill would offer more transparency in school superintendent buyouts

Angie Mason reports in her Cram Session blog that a bill approved by the Senate that focuses on school superintendent buyouts says that if a school board agrees to a buyout with a superintendent, it “must publicly disclose the reason … Continue reading

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Penn State’s openness website: Some transparency, some PR

I took a quick look at Penn State’s openness website that debuted yesterday. The school bills it as “a resource for the Penn State community and other stakeholders to find answers to their questions regarding ongoing investigations and related matters.” … Continue reading

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A note about our teacher salary database

Sometimes, stories that have been on our site for a while show up in the “most popular” listing, which shows stories with the highest number of clicks in the preceding 12 hours. Our teacher salary database, published as part of … Continue reading

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Today in #transparency

I’m playing with this new WordPress plugin that renders tweets visually, just because I can. Here are some selected tweets using the hashtag #transparency from today:  

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