Our guide to where to find many more public records online, both locally, statewide and nationally.

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Audits of various offices: State audits on the county domestic relations office, prothonotary’s office and county treasurer’s office.

Liquid-fuels tax proceeds: See how the county’s municipalities spent their liquid-fuels tax proceeds.

District justice offices: See audits on the local district justices.

Municipal pension funds: Get information on York County’s municipal pension funds.

School districts: The Auditor General gives a report on York County’s school districts.

Volunteer firefighters’ relief associations: Read the Auditor General’s report on the firefighters’ associations.


Nursing home inspections: Go here and click on the county of your choice for inspection reports on nursing homes

Restaurant inspections: The state maintains a database of restaurant inspections.

Liquor Control Board: See the state Auditor General’s report on the Liquor Control Board.

Workers’ insurance fund: See the state Auditor General’s report on the workers’ insurance fund.

State agency contracts: Go here and click on “Search for Public Contracts to search by agency, contracting party, date or the amount of the contract.

Utility service complaints: The state public utility commission keeps track of complaints.

Professional licenses: The Pennsylvania Department of State lists disciplinary actions taken against licensed professionals ranging from accountants to dentists to funeral directors to psychologists to veterinarians.

Weights and measures: Read the state Department of Agriculture’s Weights and Measures reports.


Nursing home ratings: Medicare provides nursing home ratings.

Charities and nonprofits

Financial records and tax forms: Guidestar provides information so you can check the financials of nonprofits.

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