Searchable data: Schools, crime and more

The Daily Record/Sunday News often uses databases and spreadsheets in its reporting. But you can find your own stories in them, or just satisfy your curiosity. Here are links to searchable databases and other public-records resources, some of which we’ve used in our reporting, some that we’ve found online:



Public record
State data

*Works in Internet Explorer

**Among many records available. York County Archives’ website is search-to-order; fee applies to get records.

***Does not show the record; shows whether a record exists at the office.


2 Responses to Searchable data: Schools, crime and more

  1. Barry L. Ness says:

    Is there information as to the District Attorney’s office charged/conviction rate on a yearly base??? Percentage of plea-bargined cases per year/session?? Any “open records” online at all for this County department??

  2. Barry, I took a really quick look at the DA’s website and I don’t see any stats on there. In the past, we’ve been able to get statistics of various kinds from that office via right-to-know requests, and we could certainly request conviction rates/plea bargains/etc.

    I know within the past few years we wrote about plea bargains in the sense that they’re a tool for the justice system to dispense with some cases that could otherwise clog up the system. But I don’t know how many the York County DA’s office agrees to each year, nor how many would be considered too few or too many. But we can put that on our list of good stories to look into. Thanks.

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