Name York’s baseball team

Keystone Baseball has launched a Name York’s Team contest, asking fans to vote for their favorites among the five finalists. Those finalists are:
Steel Horses
White Roses

Technically, you’re not supposed to start voting until Monday. But some of us have already seemingly registered our votes successfully. (My personal favorite at the moment is “Dukes,” but I can be swayed.)
See our story about the contest from Saturday’s York Daily Record.
Also, go to our message board at The Exchange, participate in our own unofficial poll, and post your thoughts on the choices and which one you like best.
Pictured above: An illustration of the proposed baseball stadium in York’s Arch Street neighborhood.

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6 Responses to Name York’s baseball team

  1. Jamison says:

    The Team will be called REVOLUTION.
    e.g. – Beatles / A new team / In a fairly new league

  2. Nathan says:

    Wait, why does York want a baseball stadium? We’re a little one-horse town who no one cares about. What about all the traffic? They still haven’t come up with ideas for traffic. This is stupid and won’t work.

  3. wade says:

    Dukes is the only name that doesn’t sound totally stupid. The White Roses sound like a group of pansies, history or no history.

  4. Brian E Heindel says:

    york’s team should always be the White Roses.

  5. Nathan says:

    Again, why do we want a baseball team for a little one-horse town that nobody cares about or knows about. Plus, we have no place for parking.

  6. wade says:

    It should “always” be the White Roses? This is the kind of thinking that’s kept this town in the cultural darkness for years. Why is change so difficult for Yorkers? Maybe this is why Fisher’s is leaving town. Dukes, for merchandising and marketing sake. Or anything but the White Roses.

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