Mystery move

The York Revolution released infielder Ramon Nivar before Thursday’s game at Sovereign Bank Stadium. The former major leaguer batted .306 in 69 games for the Revs, hitting three homers and 14 doubles.
The move comes at an odd time, considering the Revs trail first-place Somerset by 3 1/2 games in the Atlantic League South and they host the Patriots for two more games this week.
Revs director of baseball operations Adam Gladstone refused to comment directly on the move.
A professional hitter who had seen time in the majors with the O’s and Rangers, Nivar’s game lacked in other areas.

Nivar had been thrown out trying to steal in 12 of 33 attempts. A number of his baserunning gaffes killed rallies. And he also had lapses of judgement in the field, committing 12 errors — including one in the Revs 17-2 loss Wednesday.

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3 Responses to Mystery move

  1. Ken says:

    Anyone know anything else about this? I find it pretty odd that they would release him now.

  2. Corey says:

    All players have areas that are lacking the best talent. What else can go wrong for the revs I mean they lose nunez no doubt their best closer and then they lose a decent ball player in nivar. Why is Cotto still with york he never plays and when he does he has not produced. We will probably find out in the next day or so what really was the reasoning for the firing.
    but anyways I will be at the stadium tonight and tomorrow night see whoever there.
    Thanks jim keep up the good work.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did they release him in order to make room for more pitchers?

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