Why Hoiles’ job is secure … for now

It has all the makings of a bad separation.
This is not a recent development. Go back to last season, when Revs manager Chris Hoiles wanted to return for a third season. He received a lukewarm response from ownership. Hoiles had not signed an official contract, even though the team announced he would return. And then the Revs started the season 10-22, the third straight terrible start for a York club under Hoiles.
Hoiles may have had reason to fear for his job earlier this month, but it appears the dangerous time has passed. Hoiles appears to be in place for the remainder of the first half. For one, he hasn’t lost the clubhouse, and that is unlikely to happen with so many loyal players back from last season’s playoff club.
So his job is safe, but the second half of this season could determine his future with the franchise. My sense is the team needs to compete, maybe not win a playoff spot, but improve drastically.

Members of ownership met with Hoiles earlier this month to discuss the reason why a roster stocked with talent has the worst record in the league.
Some cosmetic changes have occurred.
Hoiles is now the third base coach, joining the likes of most every manager in the league. Quite honestly, I think this was a silly move. Sam Snider spent a year becoming a good third base coach. He was more aggressive this season. Now Hoiles has to learn the job. This seems like a waste.
But really, does it matter who is standing on the left side of the field waiting for baserunners that never seem to round third? No. But a cosmetic change will have to do until the Revolution decide what to do with their roster.
The manager is not the problem. Consider starting shortstop Danny Sandoval entered the weekend batting .145. Or the fact that neither of York’s catchers are hitting above .160. The returning team MVP, Jason Aspito, is playing hurt. The top two starting pitchers have left for more lucrative offers overseas.
York needs serious improvements to its roster. Or at the very least all this talent York thought it had stockpiled in the preseason needs to start delivering.

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3 Responses to Why Hoiles’ job is secure … for now

  1. Adam says:

    The Revs need to get hits and put runners on the bases. I’m not sure that it’s anything that Hoiles has the power to fix.
    Sandoval is hard to figure out. He hit .280 in AAA last year, so you have to imagine that his bat is going to come around soon. He’s playing terrific defense, though.
    Josh Johnson is a playing great defense, too, but the Revs need to bring in someone who can hit a bit. Johnson is an automatic out for a team that needs offense. He’s striking out over a third of the time, so it’s not like he’s hitting .110 simply because of early season bad luck. He doesn’t have the type of professional track record with the bat either that really suggests things will get much better, either. The Revs need a new regular catcher. I believe I saw that Alberto Castillo was recently released by Newark. They could try to bring back Aracena, too.
    I also think Jeff Eure needs to moved to the bench. He’s hitting an empty .239 with few walks or homers and already has 8 errors. Just like with Johnson, he doesn’t really have confidence-inspiring numbers in the minors.
    The Revs should try to find someone with some pop to play first or DH and start playing Padgett at 3rd again.

  2. Adam says:

    On a more positive note:
    Brandon Pinckney is now in AAA Norfolk for the O’s and hitting .333 so far.
    Last week he started three games in LF, one game at 2B, and one game at 3B for the Tides.
    He even pitched a scoreless inning.

  3. Adam says:

    Sorry about the double posts…. something’s not working right….

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