What would you do??

With the Revs in the process of wrapping up a terrible first half, we want the fans to have a say. Feel free to answer the following questions:
To make York a better team, what would you do if you were a part of the team’s management?
What players would you like to sign?
What on-field moves would you make if you were manager Chris Hoiles?
Please post your comments.

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One Response to What would you do??

  1. Adam says:

    The Revs need to score more runs. They’ve scored two runs or less in nearly half of the games played this year.
    I don’t think there’s anything that Hoiles can do about the situation, I think the players at a number of spots just aren’t producing as everyday players should and may need to be replaced.
    I like the PJ Rose signing, for a start. I suspect that Rogelstad will now play most of the time at second base and De Renne will move over to short and bump Sandel to the bench. If Rose can still hit nearly as well as he has the past two seasons, he should be a big help on offense. De Renne was really playing great defense at second, and has had defensive problems in the past at short, but the Revs need to field a better offensive team and this lineup arrangement is probably the best available in that department.
    I don’t know if maybe Jones was hurt, or what, but Goleski seemed to be getting a lot of playing time in centerfield before the All-Star break. Goleski has shown some nice power in his career, but is currently putting up the kind of OBPS that got Jeff Eure sent to St. Paul. Either Jones or Goleski really needs to run away with the job soon, or the Revs should start looking for someone else to try in CF.
    If the Revs had better 1-8 hitting, I think it would be great to carry a purely defensive catcher like Josh Johnson in the everyday lineup. As this team stands, though, they can’t afford to have someone hitting sub-.200 playing every day when there is nobody in the lineup who can counter that lack of production. Sandy Aracena hit .298 last year, and as far as I can tell, isn’t playing anywhere this year.
    If Esquivel and Aspito would get back to ’08 form in the second half of ’09, too, it would go a long way toward fixing the offense.
    The rotation is good- With Harrikala now settled in and looking like an ace, the rotation looks like a playoff contender’s rotation.
    The bullpen, particularly with Olsen back, looks solid.

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