Revs Podcast

Jim and Steve ask what happened to the York Revolution that started the second half of the season 4-0.
After an awful first half, the Revs came out blazing in the second half until …..

UPDATE: With starting pitchers Tim Harikkala and Corey Thurman already on the disabled list, Dave Gassner left Wednesday night’s game with an undisclosed injury. The lefty threw 81 pitches through 5 1/3 innings. And that sound you hear? It might be the Revs dropping completely out of the second-half picture.

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3 Responses to Revs Podcast

  1. Gladstone Hater says:

    Well the Blue Crabs are about to get the brooms out tonight! I like that the Blue Crabs went and found Michael Tucker former MLB player and a mlb average of .279…What did Gladstone say” there isn’t any talent out there” Hey numbnuts you can’t find any talent because you are trying to be a firstbase coach. You are bad at that too. You need to go back to Long Island where you came from you bum! Whats wrong Adam you getting to many papercuts? Nows not the time you should be trying to live out your baseball fantasy. Chics arent going to dig you in the Rev’s uniform. I got an idea instead of fireworks every freaking night lets save that money and get some DAMN PLAYERS that can Win! YOU SHOULD BE FIRED!

  2. Revs Backer says:

    I have been reading your comments on this blog for awhile. You are really a TRUE fan. (HA HA HA). You really have to much time on your hands. You have no clue on anything… Keep writing though, because people are entertained by what you have to say.

  3. Gladstone Hater says:

    Revs Backer … Oh did I strike a nerve with you. The Truth hurts! Or should I call you Mrs. Gladstone. LOL

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