Could the Revs really be serious?

For all the diehard fans, rest easy. The team has no plans to bring another little person to spring training. (At least not that we know of.) But they do have a radical plan for 2011.
The Revs want to place a team in York’s amateur adult Susquehanna League.
I’m interested to see the fans reaction to this idea. The team will be creating options whereby they could simply pluck a player from a local sandlot league when needed. It would be the first feeder team for an Atlantic League club since the Road Warriors disbanded after the 2007 season.
Could it work? Would Susquehanna League fans want it to work?

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One Response to Could the Revs really be serious?

  1. Adam says:

    This isn’t nearly at the level of “Flood-gate” from last season, but I’m not crazy about the idea of a Revs team in the Susquehanna League.
    The Revs demonstrated in their game against the York County All-Stars last year that they are, indeed, a cut above the locals (despite the fact that a select few local stars could represent themselves well in the AL). Why create the impression that the level of play between the two leagues is so interchangeable when you’ve managed to prove otherwise?
    Also, what type of player would be interested in playing for the Revs “farm team”? Anyone with AL mid-season call-up aspirations could just as easily keep in baseball shape in their own hometown amateur league. What’s the incentive to come to York for no pay?

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