First signings: Revs name Keoni captain

The Revs made a shift in philosophy.
Wanting to go younger in the type of players they sought this season, the club named Keoni DeRenne, 30, the franchise’s first captain — bringing back the Hawaii native for a fourth season in York.
The captaincy will be important this year, according to the Revs new Director of Player Procurement Michael Kirk because the team needs a veteran to have a voice in the clubhouse.

“We’re going to sign players who are more prospect-type players. We’re not going to be as in love with big leaguers.*
“Keoni’s a grinder. He is not the biggest dude, but he has the heart and he personifies the attitude we want on this team.”
Manager Andy Etchebarren is in the midst of dealing with a family emergency and was unable to comment.

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One Response to First signings: Revs name Keoni captain

  1. Adam says:

    I’m glad to see that Keoni is back.
    Shouldn’t the players pick a captain, though? It would probably be Keoni, to be fair, but wouldn’t it be better to let it happen a bit more organically?

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