One reason to like Herrera

So why exactly did the Revs trade away Daryl Harang?
The most consistent starter for the Revs, Harang (pictured at left) posted career-highs in innings and strikeouts. He’s good. The trouble was York didn’t have an offense last season, last in batting average and home runs. So it traded Harang for outfielder Jose Herrera.
Could York really afford to keep Harang if it had a chance to upgrade its offense?
Herrera brings a lifetime .325 Atlantic League batting average into his sixth season in the league. He instantly could provide a lift for the Revs lineup.

Look at it this way.
Could an 87-loss club sit pat with a player who plays once every five days? Or should they gamble and trade a young left-handed pitcher for an aging outfielder who will play every day?
The move might look bad because Harang had moved to York, and he worked for the team in the offseason. He wanted to play in York. But the Revs had a chance to drastically change its weakest link and improve as offensive club.
The Revs decided to gamble, because they know they need offense if they want to win this year.
Now it will be interesting to see how well Harang pitches when he comes back to York. Of course, coming off a career-year for innings, it will also be interesting to see if he bounces back and puts up 2009-type numbers after lasting his first full season as a starter.

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One Response to One reason to like Herrera

  1. Chris Seitz says:

    You may find trading harang to long island ok. I dont, i find it offensive. Whats offensive is the fact that this trade occured before news years day, and the front office didn’t release it untill after sports, that way yorks comunity embasador could appear at sports night as a member of the revolution. what else is offensive is that they trade a fan favorite (matt padget) to the ducks and not even tell him. its pretty bad that you read youve been traded on the other teams website. Its time that the ODP step out from behind their smilling faces and reveal their true colors. ODP is a Horse Sh*t organization that doesn’t care about baseball or its employees. theyed rather have a circus and a boxing match then play baseball. Its time that the paying season ticket holders relize this and stop buying tickets from an organization that doesn’t care!!!!

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