Is Esquivel the next to go?

Maybe this all works out in the next few days. But it doesn’t look good right now. Revs outfielder Matt Esquivel (pictured above during his days with the Braves farm system) wants to return to the Revolution. He hasn’t been signed yet. Sounds familiar, right?
Former Revs outfielder/third baseman Matt Padgett received an offer to play for another independent minor league team in another league. He was willing to accept less money to sign with York, but he wanted a small raise. Instead, the Revs traded him Wednesday. The breaking point appeared to be a couple hundred dollars.
The same team that wants to sign Padgett has also contacted Esquivel, but Esquivel confirmed late Wednesday night he too wants to stay in York.
“We love it there, that’s why you have so many (players) that move there,” Esquivel said.

Esquivel is still in negotiations with the team, according to Esquivel and Revs general manager Matt O’Brien.
But the club doesn’t appear ready to bring back a number of players — even those who moved to the area.
Left-handed pitcher Daryl Harang has already been traded. According to a reliable source, infielder Matt Rogelstad has received an offer from another independent team outside the Atlantic League. And there’s been no announcement on 2008 Revs MVP Jason Aspito.
York could sign Esquivel, but he has another offer. So he has some bargaining power. Will the team pay more money to bring back a familiar name and face? Or do they try to trade him?
It’s a difficult decision, and it’s the type of decision it seems the Revs have been making every week this offseason.

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2 Responses to Is Esquivel the next to go?

  1. Trudy Wertz says:

    You should see comments written on Revs site on Facebook. Read exactly how these players really feel playing for the fans of York. They worked so hard for Etch and to prove themselves last year, how rude of him not to honor the promises he made. To give false hope to these guys while practically playing them like puppets. Matt E. addressed the fans and friends of York on his facebook. How sad for him and the connections he formed while playing for ‘one team, one county and
    one goal’. So much for that idea.

  2. Adam says:

    It certainly sounds like management should be treating these guys better. They deserve more than to find out about trades through the press, and keeping Harang around all off-season (and sending him to Sports Night) just to turn around and send him packing is inexcusable.
    Except for the manner in which they’re doing it, though, I don’t understand the fuss over losing players from a squad that was the league’s worst by a wide margin a year ago. I’d rather see a new roster win than watch the old roster lose again.

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