One player’s view on the Hobson Way

It’s clear after talking to outfielder Matt Esquivel that he doesn’t like the way the Revolution handled business this offseason. For one, he’s angered with personnel decisions involving his former teammates. But he also didn’t care for the Revs decision to name a captain. He sees it as a ripoff of what Southern Maryland has done.
“That’s not who the Revolution should be,” Esquivel said. “We’re supposed to be rivals. I know Etch and (Southern Maryland manager) Butch (Hobson) are friends. And I know Southern Maryland puts C’s on their jerseys.
“I don’t see it as a player. You don’t want to single out one player. I don’t care if our managers our friends. Your players don’t want to see that. We’ve become exactly like Southern Maryland, under the same ownership.”

If Esquivel remains in the Atlantic League, he looks forward to playing York.
“Regardless of where I am, I give it all,” Esquivel said. “I’m going to be No. 99 for somebody else. And if we play York, I’m going to bury you all.

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2 Responses to One player’s view on the Hobson Way

  1. Trudy Wertz says:

    Matt,good for you! I only hope you do come back and play the Crabs, oops I mean Revs. You couldn’t be more right. The southern crabs get the lobster and what’s left they throw to Etch. He EATS it up! Thanks Jim for pretty much reporting it like it is and giving the players a voice. That man lied right to their faces. They are people and deserved so much better. The Rev’s site is monitoring what goes on facebook and deleting negative comments. Good luck to you Matt and I’m sure you’ll come through all this with YOUR head held high. Keep the fire burning Jim.

  2. Chita says:

    Matt and when you do play York, we will be in the stands cheering you on!!!!

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