Vault’s homer history: For pitchers

It’s been a difficult place to pitch for some.
Even in good seasons, pitchers have seen the ball fly out of Sovereign Bank Stadium.
The following is a list of the most homers allowed at The Vault.


at the Vault

Corey Thurman (2008-10) 20*
Wayne Franklin … pictured above … (2007-09) 20
Chris Steinborn (2007) 10
David Maust (2007) 10
Dan Foli (2008-09) 10
Shane Youman (2008-10) 10*
Jason Olson (2007-09) 9


Wayne Franklin (2008) 13
Corey Thurman (2008) 13


Brian Adams (Somerset 2007-09) 10
* — Denotes player is still active.

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Jim Seip wore a cookie monster costume to help close out the Spectrum on Oct. 31, 2009.
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One Response to Vault’s homer history: For pitchers

  1. Larry Shaffer says:

    OK! LETS talk about pitchers!! Seems that is all Etch wants to do! At least in the PRESS! He keeps making comments about how they can’t go 5 innings. ANYONE told him, you do not manage in the press! FIELD AND CLUBHOUSE is where that is done. HE has an ego that he wants to show! He is doing a nice job, but he puts his players down for all to see and read! WELL NOT HIS PLAYERS. He never refers to the pitches as guys he brought in. That is left for his position players! HE NEVER gets on them when they have back to back bad hitting games! OH ANYONE NOTICE, yeah they are up there in stats, but one game 16 runs next game 2runs. Could use some of them 16 runs in them 2 run games that oh SEEMS BY ETCH are the pitchers fault that they lost them. HE ever look in the mirror and see that he brought all these players in! AND THEY are busting their butts for him and the Fans of York. MY advice to Mr. ETCH you brought them together, they get along fine, manage and yessssssssssssss players need told about things but not in the news presses!!! He is getting old with this now and York is losing fans. OR NO ONE notice the drop of about 600 per game! Now that I got started, lets look at other things. How much it cost to park at a Rev’s game… $4 or more. Barnstormers FREE. That $4 adds up in a 70 game home season! Lets see $4 times 70=$280. In Lancaster I see give aways, like a $1200 prizes, what does York give away of any valuve! PROMOTE for GOD’s sake! Well I could go on and on, but got to go read what etch says in the press!!!

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