McCall traded to Camden

The Revs traded starting pitcher and league All-Star Derell McCall (7-3, 4.46 ERA) to the Camden Riversharks for future considerations before Wednesday’s game. McCall earned a spot in York’s starting rotation after working as a long man at the start of the season. The Revs won 13 of the first 17 games he pitched in, but he encountered troubles recently.
The Revs lost five of the last six games McCall appeared in. He failed to pitch longer than five innings in all six games. He struggled with control. And his velocity dipped.
Once among the league leaders in ERA, McCall’s ERA had jumped. He leads the league in homers allowed (16), and he had won just one game since the All-Star Game. McCall may pitch against York in the final game of York’s homestand Thursday night.

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  1. Larry Shaffer says:

    WOW! It just happened again! OK Derrell, McCall’s stats have suffered lately! NO doubt! BUT Heck C.C. Sabathia has streaks where he is off for a 4 to 5 game span! MAYBE Yankees should trade him for future consideration!I thought when a pitcher suffers, after a great streak! AKA ALL STAR, it is the pitching coach’s job to help him with his mechanics?? AS I look back and my memory is not what it once was. We now have lost 3 of the 5 starters that helped us win the first half! OK we get guys coming in that MAY Lead YORK TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP, but what did they do??? They did not even help us win the first half. THEY WERE NOT EVEN IN YORK! Seems we are now playing win at all cost! NOT WITH THE PEOPLE THAT DESERVE the chance to play in the playoffs! OH well tired of talking about this. THE legend has struck again! GO REVS!!

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