Stadium’s concessions pass test

In a recent investigative report televised by ESPN, the station revealed a number of health violations by concession stands in pro sports.
The York Revolution’s concession stands at Sovereign Bank Stadium received near-perfect marks in recent inspections.

The following information was originally compiled by Sean Adkins and published in the York Daily Record/Sunday News.
York’s Bureau of Permits and Health Licensing recently inspected 18 businesses.
All 18 passed.
Businesses start off with a score of 100.
The bureau deducts points for violations ranging from expired food to the presence of insects or rodents.
A business must score an 86 to pass its health inspection.
The following is a list of recently inspected businesses and their scores:
• YWCA Main Kitchen, 320 E. Market St.; 100.
• YWCA Early Learning Center, 320 E. Market St.; 100.
• Centerplate/Concourse Portables, 5 Brooks Robinson Way; 100.
• T.J. Hot Spot, 380 W. Market St.; 98.

• Centerplate/Main Commissary, 5 Brooks Robinson Way; 98.

• Centerplate/Main Function Room, 5 Brooks Robinson Way; 98.

• Centerplate/Outfield Concession Stand, 5 Brooks Robinson Way; 98.

• Centerplate/Third Base Concession Stand, 5 Brooks Robinson Way; 96.

• Centerplate/Picnic Pavilion, 5 Brooks Robinson Way; 96.

• Centerplate/Suite/Kitchen, 5 Brooks Robinson Way; 96.

• Marie & Sons Grocery, 675 E. Market St.; 96.
• Big George’s Concessions, 622 Rockdale Ave.; 96.

• Centerplate/First Base Concession Stand; 5 Brooks Robinson Way; 95.

• YWCA Early Learning Center, 800 E. King St.; 95.
• The Coffee Company Café, 221 W. Philadelphia St.; 94.
• J & M Grocery & Deli, 55 N. Newberry St.; 92.
• Mezzogiorno, 34 W. Philadelphia St.; 92.
• Big George’s Concessions, 622 Rockdale Ave.; 91.

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  1. Cleaned Out Wallet says:

    They also received perfect score in overpricing and lack of consistent portioning.

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