Hedrick to start Saturday

Dover High graduate Shawn Hedrick confirmed Friday afternoon he has been offered a contract by the York Revolution. Revs director of player procurement Michael Kirk confirmed that the Revs expect Hedrick to start Saturday at home against Bridgeport.
A longtime staple in local amateur leagues in York County, Hedrick made his professional baseball debut last August at the age of 34 with the York Revolution. The right-hander made four starts for a team in the midst of an 87-loss season. He went 1-2 with a 4.43 ERA. He struck out nine and walked five in 22 1/3 innings of work.
Hedrick spent this season pitching for Red Lion in the Susquehanna League.
The Revolution signed two former major league pitchers Wednesday, filling its roster. But the status of Joselo Diaz now appears in doubt. The right-hander began the season in Long Island, but he left the team to play in Mexico. In uniform the last two nights for York, Diaz pitched a side session after the Revs lost last night and was scheduled to start Saturday.
Atlantic League executive director Joe Klein was expected to speak to Revs team officials Friday about Diaz.

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3 Responses to Hedrick to start Saturday

  1. Larry Shaffer says:

    WOW! I will start this by saying, Shawn Hedrick did the Revs a big favor! He has nothing to be ashamed of. He did his best to help a team that needs Starting pitching so badly as the playoffs near.
    He is a York County Legend, and will make the York County Hall of Fame someday!
    Too bad the same can not be said about HIS fans. They come to support him and only him! I was in attendance last evening as I am most nights at the Vault. The REV fans cheered Shawn on, and even gave him a Standing O as he left the field with a tip of his cap!
    Even before he got pulled, his fans started disappearing faster then the last glimpes of sunlight! BY the 7th inning there were no Hedrick shirts to be found!
    WHAT GREAT support. FOR YOU FANS THAT DID NOT KNOW….SHAWN WAS GIVING IT HIS ALL FOR A “TEAM” You could have stayed and rooted for the “TEAM” he was playing for, as they attempted to rally! NO they were gone, Well to them, I hope the do not come back. They are not REV fans.
    Now for Mr. Etch, again this moring in the paper, you said Hedrick did as well as your other starters! YOU MEAN the ones you brought in after trading Youman, Zimmerman, and McCall away. YOU happen to see the last few games Corey Thurmond has pitched for YOU?? He has pitched in Relief, 1 inning and no runs, 7 and 2/3 innings 3 runs, and 7 innings 1 run. WHY do YOU as a manager have to bad mouth your players?? O AND FOUR THE REV FANS INFO…YOUMAN DID PITCH THE REVS INTO FIRST PLACE. he threw 7 shutout innings agains the Barnstormers to win a game that allowd the Revs to take at the time sole possession of 1st place. Thanks Youman for helping us, maybe ETCH was a Genius trading you away so you could help us in other ways!!! SURE in Etch’s mind he thinks that way!

  2. T says:

    I click on the link for “Revs Inside Pitch” to read your comments.

  3. Larry Shaffer says:

    T… thanks I think! lol

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