Curious about the details

The Atlantic League will not be moving to Frederick.
Honestly, it was a longshot.
From everything I’ve read, the media that covers the Frederick Keys wanted the team back in town. And if the politicians who made the decision felt the same way, if the lease proposals compared in any way the city was probably going to bring back the team they’ve had in town since 1989.
But I’m interested in the deals of the lease. As a member of the media located outside Frederick, I’m curious to see if the Keys actually came in with a higher offer. Do the Keys plan to sink millions of dollars in renovations to Harry Grove Stadium? Did Frederick Atlantic offer more money for renovations and lease payments, or did the city stick with a franchise that has been part of its community since for more than 20 years? Since I haven’t seen the details yet, I’m assuming the Keys came through with a big chunk of money. Perhaps a lot more than Frederick Atlantic offered.
If the Keys didn’t come through with more money for the the city, as a reporter, I would be interested in the reaction of city residents. Does the city desperately need more money? Or are people just happy the Keys will return in 2012? And if taxes need to be raised, well, could the baseball situation have helped avoid that situation?

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