DownTown never looked so amazing

The Amarillo Sox of the independent American Association wanted a new mascot.
What they ended up with was … well, disturbing.
The very happy-looking mascot was supposed to look like a sock.
It’s never a good thing when the general manager has to make a statement and apology about a new mascot: “I want to say on the record, if we offended anybody, I apologize,” Amarillo’s Mark Lee said.

About Jim Seip

Jim Seip wore a cookie monster costume to help close out the Spectrum on Oct. 31, 2009.
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2 Responses to DownTown never looked so amazing

  1. Paul Braverman says:

    One of the few times in life I get to type LOL and actually mean it…

  2. fausto gabon says:

    I sense a little sock envy.

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