Revs’ injury updates

* York RHP Matt DeSalvo reported only a “little soreness” after pitching Thursday. It was his first outing since July 17, when he suffered a muscle strain to his right pectoral. If DeSalvo doesn’t suffer a setback, York manager Andy Etchebarren could start him Sunday.
* CF Scott Grimes remains day-to-day with back stiffness. He could return to the lineup Saturday, Etchebarren said.
* SS Eric Eymann returned to the lineup Friday after missing four games because of a deep bruise on his left hand. He was hit by a pitch Saturday, and was unable to swing a bat until recently.

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5 Responses to Revs’ injury updates

  1. Larry Shaffer says:

    After sitting thru the first game yesterday, it was obvious, the Revs did not come to play, but argue again with the UMPS!
    Is it NOT the Manager’s responsibility to make sure his team is ready??
    I seen more PEP at a WAKE!
    If you keep letting the UMPS be your excuse, you will lose! Ya the Umps are not great, but their sure not JUST there making bad calls after bad calls against the Revs. Winners do not make excuses, they find a way to WIN!!
    Wake up Etch, you have a team to manage!
    I loved the way, after York lost that NOON time game against the BarnStormers to end any chance to win the 1st half, Etch needed a rest and did not even take the trip back to Lancaster!
    Nice of you to quit on your team!~
    Better yet, anyone see how when it came to what promo the fans were looking forward to, Etch finished last or as Liberals say now a day, 3rd! O that is last in a voting of only 3 things! LOL

  2. Paul Braverman says:

    I drive a Dodge Stratus.

  3. Larry Shaffer says:

    Paul, that is nice, what does that have to do with Baseball? LOL
    Anyway, Mr. Etch strikes again! I see Eric Eymann found out thru the press or someone else beside the Fearless Leader, that he is now going to be platooned as a Utility Player!
    Nice move Mr. Etch, can you not pull the player in and let him know your intentions! That is so not good management, but oh well, Your Etch, the Savior of Our Team!

  4. Paul Braverman says:

    This rah rah stuff might be applicable in high school baseball or for the Susquehanna League, but professionals don’t need to be babied about whether they might play less. If you’re waiting for pro baseball players to stop arguing with umpires or to act like it’s the seventh game of the World Series on a 95 degree Sunday in August…keep waiting. They’re going to act like adults and not children. That might not some kind of unrealistic, romanced expectation some fans have about playing hard on every pitch, but that’s the way it is in this league, or any league including the majors. After 50 years in pro ball, I don’t think Etch has anymore to learn about leadership when it comes to a team.

  5. Larry Shaffer says:

    What ever happened to my response to Paul?

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