Revs acquire left-handed help

The Revs released LHP Zac Cline (0-2, 7.62 ERA) and acquired LHP Kris Regas (0-0, 4.26 ERA) in a trade with Lancaster for future considerations.

Cline had the highest ERA on the Revs roster. Regas has held opponents to a .233 batting average in 29 appearances.

The big question is why would Lancaster help a team it will probably be facing in the playoffs before the end of the month?

This question comes up several times every season. Under Opening Day Partners ownership, player procurement officials have and continue to move players to other teams in order to place players in a better situation. If that means a player will be shipped off to a rival, ODP has completed the deal. And in this case, I think it’s safe to assume Lancaster’s Butch Hobson will make his team stronger. Lancaster has the benefit of having Hobson — one of the best connected managers in the league — looking out for the Barnstormers.


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One Response to Revs acquire left-handed help

  1. Larry Shaffer says:

    Yepper!~ ANYONE remember Etch telling HIS team, YOU are my guys. This is the team we are staying with till the end of this season! Win or Lose! NO MORE CHANGES!!

    You see, yes this is a business, but not like the Majors. Players and their Families here become part of the Community. Host Familes open their homes to complete strangers! IN return the average fan, gets to know the player and his family!

    I bet Zac Cline and his lovely wife, sure feels good about Etch going back on his word again! Zac’s wife was very nice and friendly at the ball park! Etch puts on his front and could care less about anyone but his own EGO!

    So ZAC is not out of a job, that he was told, he had till the end of the season!

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