Game 1: Ducks win 1-0

Here is an abridged version of the York Daily Record game story. The complete version can be found at

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. –- The difference in the game happened to be a flick of the wrist.

York Revolution starting pitcher Nick Schumacher would pitch a near-perfect game. It was one of those days, the right-hander would say after the game, where he knew “from the get-go” that he had all his pitches. And he could locate all his pitches.

But the Long Island Ducks still managed to beat him and the York Revolution, handing the Revs a 1-0 loss at Bethpage Ballpark. The win allowed Long Island to take a 1-0 series lead in the best-of-five Atlantic League Championship Series.

And it all comes back to that flick of the wrist. Atlantic League batting champion Kraig Binick flicked his bat at a 1-2 outside pitch in the third inning -– flinging a single into shallow right field that scored former Revs outfielder Matt Esquivel from third. Esquivel led off the third inning with a double, hit down the third base line. Esquivel raced to third base on a Freddie Thon groundout to second base.

“He just flipped his bat out there and said, ‘We’ll take that run,’” Schumacher said, flashing a smirk.

That was the difference.

York out-hit Long Island 7-4. York stranded nine runners on base, compared to Long Island’s two stranded runners.

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2 Responses to Game 1: Ducks win 1-0

  1. fausto gabon says:

    Should have kept the moustache.

  2. Larry Shaffer says:

    IS Etch being out managed?

    The bats have been quiet all playoffs. The Revs are facing the League Leader in almost every major Pitching stat.

    Schumacker Pitches a GEM.

    The only difference was Ducks moved their runners over and got him in. AFTER Etch already was playing for the one run on defense by playing the infield in! The leading hitter in the league will take advantage of that, with a flarte that some say, could have been handled on the fly if the infield was not playin in SO EARLY in the game!

    Etch was right, it was going to be a one run game.

    BUT the Revs come right back, and get the 1st two on and NOTHING to move a runner one more base! Enuff said!

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