Atlantic League eyes Boston expansion

The Boston Globe revealed a prospective ownership group has scouted sites in the Boston area with the hopes of building a $30-million minor league baseball stadium. The Globe reported lawyer Alex Bok confirmed his prospective ownership group would field an Atlantic League team.

The Atlantic League will have an eight-team, 140-game schedule next season — with the expansion Sugar Land (Texas) Skeeters joining the league. Atlantic League officials hope to one day form a four-team West Division, consisting entirely of teams in the Texas/Louisiana area. And although the league wants to continue to expand outside the Northeast, the majority of the league will remain in the Northeast. Earlier this year, a prospective ownership group attempted to outbid the Class A Frederick (Md.) Keys for the lease at Harry Grove Stadium. The league also planned to welcome the Loudoun Hounds (Va.) in 2011, but without a ballpark to open the Hounds needed to reset their first-pitch countdown — which is now scheduled for 2012. The league has also attempted to place a franchise in Nassau County (N.Y.) and create a natural rivalry with the nearby Long Island Ducks.

If they find a site in the Boston area, Bok plans to model his group’s minor league stadium after Hammons Field — the home of the Double-A Springfield (Mo.) Cardinals. named Hammons Field the 2005 “Ballpark of the Year.”

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  1. Gerald Morrison says:

    Boston expansion would be great for the league! Baseball in the Boston area is like cake is to ice cream!

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