Mail bag: Take me out to the ball game

First time at a Revs game? Take advantage of the uniqueness of Sovereign Bank Stadium.

Tracey, who says she’s never been to a Revs game, is going to get her chance after she won this week’s random drawing of question askers.

As usual, before we answer this week’s questions, we’ll be giving out even more free tickets next week.

But we have to make you work for them. Our weekly feature — the Inside Pitch mail bag — relies on YOU, dear reader, and if you participate, you’ll get a chance to win two vouchers to a future York Revolution home game. Here’s how it works:

Post your Revs question in the comments section of this blog post. You have until 3 p.m. Friday, June 22 to submit a question. Posting your comment is your entry into a random drawing for two vouchers to a future York Revolution home game.

Check back on the blog on Saturday: We’ll answer one of the submitted questions, and we’ll announce which random commenter won the ticket vouchers.

So comment on this post, ask a question, and impress Youngstown Will. You just might win some tickets.

Be creative with your questions: Something you’re curious about, our insight into the team, predictions for the season or trivia that you haven’t been able to answer. Questions with a “yes” or “no” answer aren’t any fun, and the better the question, the more likely we are to answer it! Check back each Saturday to see the latest delivery from the mail bag. We’ll keep it going until we run out of tickets or you run out of Revs questions. And now some answers …

Last week’s questions:

Question: I’ve never been to a REVS games. What cool/fun/interesting/unique things would I get to experience if I won the free ticket vouchers?

Answer: That question came from Tracey, who was this week’s random question-asker winner.

As a fan of any kind of baseball, I enjoy getting the full experience out of any stadium I visit for the first time. I like getting there early and walking around the park to see what makes it special and different than other parks. As far as minor league or indy league parks go, Sovereign Bank Stadium is actually one of the nicer ones out there.

I recommend taking a walk behind the outfield. There, you can get an appreciation for just how big the left field wall is. They call it “The Arch Nemesis,” which is the tallest wall in baseball, standing at 37 feet and 8 inches. Take a peak behind the wall, where a guy runs the manual scoreboard. If you ask nicely, he might let you take a peek through the wall to get a pretty cool view most fans probably have never seen.

If you have kids, there’s a playground and blowup slide right around the corner.

Just past that, there’s a Brickers french fry stand that I like to visit and get my fill just about every Revs game I go to.

Keep going, and there’s a hill where the “lawn seats” are behind center field. Those tickets are cheaper and there’s not really any seats, but sometimes it’s nice just to sit on the grass and watch an inning or two. Just be careful, though, because if the Revs hit a homer, they’ll shoot off the cannon that sits right behind right-center field. I can hear it from my apartment a few blocks away. It’s much louder when you’re 20 yards behind it.

As for actually watching the game in the seats, there’s really not a bad view. I try to sit as close to home plate as possible when I go, that way I can see the whole field at all times. Sitting at the far end on either side doesn’t always give you that option.

Inside the concourse, you have your run-of-the-mill concessions. I personally haven’t tried anything other than peanuts or hotdogs, but if you’re big into food, you might find something you really like.

Outside the stadium is Brooks Robinson Plaza. There’s a statue of Brooks Robinson, one of the greatest icons in the history of baseball, through the plaza located at the entrance to the stadium.  Before a 23-season career with the Baltimore Orioles, Robinson began his professional career as a York White Rose in the minors.

So, yeah, that’s just a quick rundown. You can find more info at the York Revolution’s website.

Question: If we win the tickets, can we get cash for them?

Answer: First off, they’re vouchers, not tickets, so the only thing you can get for them is tickets.

I suppose if you did win the vouchers and redeemed them for tickets, you might try your hand at scalping. Although I once bought a ticket for a seat right behind home plate off a random fan. He was asking for $3. I gave him $5 for good measure. That was a playoff game.

Question: What is the average age of the players?

Answer: If my math is correct, the Revs average age is 29. The Revs recently cut ties with two of their older players, however, when Bobby Kielty (35) retired and Jesus Sanchez (37) was released.

Question: What fueled the decision to go with a new team logo?

Answer: A couple things factored in the Revs decision. They went with a new apparel provider this year (switching from Under Armour to New Balance). So with new uniforms expected in 2012, the team decided to also change its logo. The team parted ways with the stately but not exactly family-friendly eagle. The old eagle, team officials thought, looked great, but if the Revs want to continue to attract families they may want a more cartoon/fun logo. So after they decided to switch logos, they also made an effort to make the logo more York specific. (While it looked nice, the old logo could have been featured on any team’s jersey in the country.) The bolts, screw heads and widgets featured in the new logo are a tip of the hat to York’s current and past ties to manufacturing. The team wanted to focus on York and the Industrial Revolution as opposed to the American Revolution.


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9 Responses to Mail bag: Take me out to the ball game

  1. Heather says:

    What would be entertaining about going to a game? I have always wanted to go. I got the chance to go once I was unable to get off work so I couldnt. Of course that night THEY WON!!!! the section that we would have been in would have been right behind their dugout which that section got their picture taken and was put in the paper.

  2. Bernard Hartlove says:

    One of the greatest promotions I have witnessed at a York Revolution game is when they gave away a used car to a fan in attendance. They even had a “Herb Tarlek” look-a-like…it was great! My question is: Do they plan on having another “Used Car Night” promotion, and what other new and exciting promotions do they have on tap?

  3. Jessica Newcomer says:

    I would love to see a game!

  4. Cheryl Folkenroth says:

    One of the reasons I enjoy going to Revs games is because I’m a life-long city resident and I am happy to see the downtown area becoming a more exciting, safe and entertaining place for city and county residents to visit. What ideas do you have for those of us who already enjoy visiting Sovereign Bank Stadium to encourage others to give downtown another try and to be part of the revitalization of York City?

  5. Kyle Leakway says:

    I love going to Revolution games. It’s great to take my wife (who enjoys people watching more than the game) but she still has a blast. My question is, besides concerts do you think there will be any more different types of events coming to the stadium? I know there is a rumor that York may be getting an arena football team, I would love to see more sporting events and promotional events to that area.

  6. Jordan Billet says:

    What was the deciding factor to go with the name Revolution? If you look at other team names from the Atlantic League, or even minor leagues, they all seem more playful and less serious. The Revolution seem different, just curious how that came up. Did you have a list of names? (For the record I like the Revolution name choice)

  7. kyle says:

    Curious. Who besides Andres Perez has hit for the cycle with the York Revolution? The website said he was the 2nd Rev to do it.


  8. Adam says:

    What game was most attended and how many fans packed into Sovereign Stadium?

  9. Jessica Sprenkle says:

    Thanks for participating, everyone! Be sure to check the blog on Saturday to see who won the tickets, and to get the answers to some of your questions!