Mail bag: A fresh shot at free Revs tickets

We’re back from the all-star break and ready to give away some more free Revs tickets to our most inquisitive readers. In case you forgot how this mail bag contest works, here’s the rundown:

  • You post your York Revolution or Atlantic League question in the comments section of this blog post. That’s your entry to a random drawing for two free vouchers good for a future home Revs game.
  • We’ll close the comments at 3 p.m. Friday and randomly pick our winner.
  • Check back on the blog Saturday to see who won tickets and to read the answers to some of the questions that were posted by fans.
  • Then post another question on Saturday’s post for another chance to win.

Need some inspiration to come up with a question? Check out past installments of the mail bag to see what other fans have wondered about.

Ready, set, go!

About Jessica Sprenkle

At night, I'm an assistant sports editor at the York Daily Record/Sunday News. During the day, I live in and love York City.
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5 Responses to Mail bag: A fresh shot at free Revs tickets

  1. Shannon Kern says:

    What is the largest number in attendance ever at a Revs game? What was the date of that game?


    It was the 2011 allstar game at rev stadium july, 13 and 8053 fans were there.

  3. Neal Taillon says:

    Just how big is the left field wall? I’m a huge Red Sox fan and I remember someone telling me the Revs wall is actually taller than the green monster and I thought that sounded wrong. How big is the wall?

  4. Jessica Myers says:

    What is the lowest ERA ever held by a Revs pitcher?

  5. Has anyone ever caught a ball while velcroed to the wall?