Mail bag: Comment on the post and try to win some tix

The second half has begun, we’re trying to figure out all the new players on the team, and we’re ready to give away some more free Revs tickets to our most inquisitive readers. Well, at least the ones who comment on our blog. C’mon, impress Youngstown Will. Besides, it won’t take much, he’s from Ohio. (Pennsylvania humor. Sorry Will.) In case you forgot how this mail bag contest works, here’s the rundown:

  • You post your York Revolution or Atlantic League question in the comments section of this blog post. That’s your entry to a random drawing for two free vouchers good for a future home Revs game.
  • We’ll close the comments at 3 p.m. Friday and randomly pick our winner. (Sorry, I didn’t post until early Sunday morning, my apologies to all this week.)
  • Check back on the blog Saturday to see who won tickets and to read the answers to some of the questions that were posted by fans.
  • If you find yourself not picked as one of the winners, don’t cry. Please don’t cry. Just post another question on Saturday’s post for another chance to win.

Need some inspiration to come up with a question? Check out past installments of the mail bag to see what other fans have wondered about.

Ready, set, go!

This week’s winner is Neal.

Thanks for all the questions, we’ll try to update the blog with a post on Revs ERA later this week. And thanks, Craig for the quick attendance answer.

And away we go…

Question: Just how big is the left field wall? I’m a huge Red Sox fan and I remember someone telling me the Revs wall is actually taller than the Green Monster and I thought that sounded wrong. How big is the wall?

Answer: The Revs have always maintained they have the tallest wall in baseball. Even before the stadium was constructed (in the fall of 2006), ODP — the Revs ownership group — hoped its left field wall would outdue Fenway’s Green Monster. I believe the Arch Nemesis’ official height is listed at 37 feet, 8 inches — or 6 inches taller than Fenway’s Green Monster. Now that’s a team measurement. As far as I know, no one outside builders/Revs officials have ever measured it, so who really knows for sure.

I tried to line up a time to go up a lift at the wall to take pictures and measure just how tall it was (37-8 and 1/16? or 37-8 and 1/8?). Yes, it was a silly angle but it seemed like it would be a good waste of my time. This was back in 2009 or 2010 — sorry all those nights at the ballpark have fried my memory. But I was denied access. So my doubts might have some validity. Maybe the team really does have something to hide. The second-tallest wall in baseball isn’t such a great distinction. However, if Revs president/GM Eric Menzer OKs it in the future, we’ll be sure to verify the measurement — complete with photos on the blog.

The Arch Nemesis obviously is not as long as the Green Monster, but I agree with you, it doesn’t seem as tall as Fenway’s Green Monster either.

And here’s another question: When will Menzer build seats on top of the Arch Nemesis? (Psst, it’s in his long-range plans.)

Question: Has anyone ever caught a ball while velcroed to the wall?

Answer: No. (For the uninformed, we’re talking about the Velcro Man promotion the Revs conducted last summer.) The promotion ended last year without a winner. Fastened to a wall on the right-field picnic deck, fans — armed with a glove and a fishing net, I believe — tried for a chance to win some cash if they could catch a home run ball. My opinion: It was sort of boring. A guy — or lady — hangs on the wall. Now if they threw hatchets at them, they may have kept my attention.

The closest anyone came to winning? A home run hit the BAE Systems sign above Cannonball Charlie, a distance from Velcro Man of about 15 or 20 feet.

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6 Responses to Mail bag: Comment on the post and try to win some tix

  1. Tina Zellers says:

    When are the National Anthem auditions and how are they chosen?

    • Jim Seip says:

      Auditions occur in the preseason, but interested parties can contact the Revs Stacy Wilkenson with a demo if they would like to sing the anthem later this season or in the near future.

  2. Kyle Murry says:

    How many Revolution Players and coaches have been signed to play or coach in MLB/ MiLB

    • Jim Seip says:

      Three players have been signed this season: LHP Ian Thomas (Braves, Class A); LHP Ryan Feierabend (Reds, Triple-A); RHP Shawn Hill (Jays, Triple-A). For the Revs full list, check out the black menu bar on the blog and scroll down the Atlantic League history tab to find year-by-year signings. The only Revs coaches I know of that have moved on are Ryan Minor (Revs hitting coach 2007, Delmarva Shorebirds hitting coach in 2008 and still there) and Chris Hoiles (O’s special instructor since this spring).

  3. Why did the Revs cut Salvador Paniagua and keep Travis Scott when they picked up Salomon Manriquez? I don’t know who had the better batting avg., but I am sure Salvador has more power and a stronger throwing arm than Travis. I admit I was partial to Salvador because of his good run behind the plate last year on the championship run.

    • Jim Seip says:

      They wanted more offense. And they knew Salomon Manriquez was willing to sign. Since both Scott and Paniagua have similar numbers, it might have just came down to Scott’s left-handed swing. Manriquez is right-handed; Paniagua is right-handed. Scott provides more versatility in that sense. But yes, very similar players. As far as arm strength, both struggled to throw out runners this year (13-for-73). Etch contends this is more of a pitchers’ problem since he liked the arm of both Scott/Paniagua, the pitchers just need to get the ball to the plate faster. But Scott was actually better at throwing runners out (8-for-33) than Paniagua (5-for-40).

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