York Revolution photo caption contest for a shot at free tickets

Andy Etchebarren wants to go out with a bang.

The York Revolution manager has announced he’s retiring after the 2012 season, in which he has a chance to with an unprecedented third consecutive Atlantic League championship.

The Revs open the playoffs Wednesday with a first-round matchup against the cross-river rival Lancaster Barnstormers. The first two games of the best-of-five series are in Lancaster before the series comes to York on Friday.

Want to go to the game in York? We’re giving away free ticket vouchers. All you have to do is write your own caption for this photo of Etchebarren and 8-year-old Owen Sporer:

Post your caption as a comment on this post by noon Wednesday to enter the contest. We’ll pick three winners, who’ll each get four vouchers good for tickets to a Revs home game.

Get creative with your captions: Comment on the Revs’ playoff run, poke a little fun at Etch’s age or show your York pride. Good luck!

Update, Wednesday night: Thank you for all of the excellent entries. We just announced the winners in a separate post.

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At night, I'm an assistant sports editor at the York Daily Record/Sunday News. During the day, I live in and love York City.
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31 Responses to York Revolution photo caption contest for a shot at free tickets

  1. Sandra Sellers says:

    You gotta be a man to play baseball for a living, but you gotta have a lot of little boy in you, too. ~Roy Campanella

  2. Ian Hunt says:

    Baseball is America’s past time. A game for the young at heart, no matter what the age.

  3. Barry Throne says:

    eyes the moment

  4. Samuel Butera says:

    Andy “Etching” an autograph for a future Revs player.

  5. Rick Detter says:


  6. Tom Wales says:

    A real American Idol.

  7. WOW!!!! This is better than “a MEAN JOE GREEN” moment!

  8. Shaun says:

    Wow!, if only the coaches wrinkles could talk!!

  9. lee shry says:

    andy could we find more american players for this team.

  10. Sherry Strine says:

    In awe of a baseball icon.

  11. Dar Jones says:

    When I grow up I’m going to be just like him!

  12. Carl Hays says:

    the look of inspiration

  13. Jeremy says:

    Coach Etchebarren taking notes while getting game strategy advice from the Rev’s #1 fan.

  14. Greg Bruff says:

    1987 – The Game has never been the same since!!!

  15. Mark Damon says:

    “Etching” a legacy for youth baseball in York.

  16. Bill Panaro says:

    “Etch A Sketch”

  17. Ed Saxe says:

    I will give this to you now but, don’t cash it until after the play offs.

  18. Dick Silar says:

    Is this really the same guy that Grandpa showed me on his old baseball card???

  19. Polly Munchel says:

    Baseball through the eyes of a child, looking at his hero of the game, and getting the ultimate signature.

  20. C. Brown says:

    “Thank you for the autograph Mr. Etch, but I’m gonna need your jersey too.”

  21. Tony Ragosta says:

    Always time for a kid.

  22. Rebecca Sporer says:

    A cherished moment in baseball’s history and a look of what the future will hold in those that are young and have a love for the sport.

  23. Virginia Lee says:


  24. Heidi Jackson says:

    Andy’s #1 fan thinking – “when I grow up I wanna be just like you!!”

  25. Mark Stutzman says:

    What the kid is thinking: “I feel lie I’m at a museum.”

  26. Mark Stutzman says:

    What the kid is thinking: “This ball is going straight to eBay.”

  27. Dave says:

    This is awesome, I didn’t know his name was X, I thought it was Etch.

  28. Steve McNamee says:

    Etch’ offers a souvenir autograph to a young Revs’ fan… who glares back with uncertainty thinking, “Geez, I hope this old guy won’t be playing tonight?!”

    (All in good fun, of course!)

  29. Danielle Nigrin says:

    An anxious Revs fan watches in awe, pondering, “Huh, I wonder if he fought during the REVOLUTIONary War?!”

  30. Rich Snyder says:

    Saying Goodbye To A Legend

  31. Jessica Sprenkle says:

    Thanks for all of the entries! The winners are posted here: http://www.yorkblog.com/revs/2012/09/26/york-revolution-photo-caption-contest-winners/