Ducks announce first player signings in 2013

The Long Island Ducks signed Ray Navarrete and Joash Brodin for the 2013 season, the first league signings this season.

Revs Inside Pitch will once again track all league signings announced during the preseason. (Note: It has been the habit of some teams not to announce all signings, as was the case last season with Southern Maryland — which I believe had five players that appeared on its roster that had never been announced or listed in league transactions in the preseason. Other teams, like Camden, opt to wait until March to announce its first signings. And while this is infuriating for those who attempt to follow the league, the lack of information from certain teams should be expected.)

Readers can find the list of all announced signings below the Inside Pitch banner on the menu bar located on the left side of the screen.

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