Repko retires, Gonzalez leaves team

Jason Repko retired after York’s victory Sunday in Lancaster.

I was able to talk to Repko Monday evening, and I’ll post a column for Wednesday’s edition of the YDR on this site later this evening. He noted he lost the desire to be on the field everyday, and he had come to the conclusion he was content with his career. He leaves baseball after 14 pro seasons, including seven spent in the majors. He has no post-career plans, except for a three-week vacation that will include trips to see family members and some time at Disney.

Revs manager Mark Mason knew of Repko’s plans for about a week, and noted several teammates tried to talk him out of it. Repko agreed to stay with the Revs for about a week, allowing the coaches to bring in some outfielders. A team guy, right to the end.

York also will be without shortstop Andy Gonzalez, the former big leaguer has left the team for personal reasons — acording to Mason. This should not be confused with leaving the team to play abroad. Mason said there is a possibility Gonzalez could return to play for the Mets this season. Until then he’s been placed on the inactive/suspended list — meaning no other team in the league has the right to sign him. Mason expects Eric Patterson to see increased time at shortstop.

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2 Responses to Repko retires, Gonzalez leaves team

  1. Cheri says:

    If the Revs “sign” a player, doesn’t that mean that there’s a contract? If so, is there something written in Jason Repko’s that allows him to quit now? Is it set up to let them quit/retire if they’re not going to another team?

    • Jim Seip says:

      Hi Cheri,
      All players on active rosters sign contracts. They may quit or retire at any time. Just like a team may cut them or release them at any time. So if a player who quits then opts to play again could not go to the team of his choice because the Revs would still own the rights to him in the Atlantic League. That means that a player that quit playing in York in May could not return to the field in June, July, August with say the Bluefish or another team in the league until his new team worked out a deal with the Revs to acquire his rights. This would also hold true if the player quit and jumped to another league. All contracts in the Atlantic League are one-year deals, so once the season ends players can sign with a new team/new league with no compensation needed.

      Generally all independent leagues in the U.S. honor contracts, because if they didn’t it would be a mess — players jumping teams and leagues in mid-season for a few dollars more. Games may need to be postponed, etc.

      Now there are exceptions. A team in another league may not always offer compensation, but that happens rarely. I have heard that has happened in the past with Atlantic League players jumping to the Mexican League in midseason with no compensation paid to the Atlantic League club. That is why if you see a player sign in Mexico, that player may be placed on the suspended list. And if that happens in the league now, and a player jumps to the Mexican League without compensation, that player is placed on the suspended list. He may not return to the active roster in the Atlantic League until his compensation is worked out with his former team. So if his season ends in Mexico and he wishes to return to the Atlantic League in September, since his old club was never compensated for him leaving in the middle of the season, he can not return to an active roster until his old club is awarded compensation. (Hence being placed on the suspended list. He’s able to play, he might be healthy, but his old team still holds his rights and a new club that wishes to sign him would need to work out details with his old club.)

      Andy Gonzalez left for “personal reasons.” The Revs own his rights, so they placed him on the suspended list because they either expect him to return or want to be compensated if he plays elsewhere professionally this summer.

      Hope that answers your question.

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