Burgamy joins Saints, hits walk-off homer

The independent St. Paul Saints signed former Revs slugger Brian Burgamy Saturday, bringing to end any York hopes of re-signing the slugger in August.

Burgamy hit a walk-off homer Sunday, ending what had been a 3 hour, 50-minute game.

The only chance Burgamy could return to York this season is if St. Paul trades him to York at the end of its season. That would be if York felt the need to bolster its roster in September, something that seems unlikely as York remains in last place in the Freedom Division.

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8 Responses to Burgamy joins Saints, hits walk-off homer

  1. Larry Shaffer says:

    Mark Mason,

    Is Mase the Man to lead the Revs going forward??

    Mase was a very successful Pitching Coach under now retired Etch. He was also some what successful at that position for a time in the Frontier League.

    But his Managing Records are not good at all where ever he has Managed.

    At Washington and Jefferson College from 1999-2002 his teams posted a combined record of 24 Wins and 117 Loses.

    Managing the Ohio Valley Redcoats in the Frontier League in 2005 his team finished 9th with a record of 46 wins and 49 loses.

    Two years later in 2007 and 2008 at the Helm of the Chillicothe Paints in the same league his teams post 47 wins and 49 loses in 07 for a 7th place finish and He followed that up with a 10th place finish in 08 with a record of 39 wins and 57 loses.

    The next year managing the Washington Wildthings again of the Frontier League his team posted a 43 win and 53 lose season for mere 8th place finish .

    His combined record managing record in the Frontier League was 175 wins and 208 loses for a winning percentage of .457.

    Yes in his defense there has been a lot of player turnovers this year for the Revs, but other teams have lost players too. Mase wanted all these veteran big leaguers at the beginning of the year only to see them retire cause they were not making it back to the show or the player does get picked up.

    As for the Circus of Bret Tomko’s last game, Mase was so far involved in listening to Bret and Let him throw 133 pitches to complete the game. York was down 3-2 entering the 7th inning and he lets Tomko give up 2 and then 2 more in the 9th. I Thought we were trying to win games not have a Memory of a lifetime for someone who before this year did not know where Y0rk, PA was. Nothing against Mr. Tomko he has had a very nice carrer!

    So maybe we need to look at rather Mr. Mason is the man of the job!!

    • Jim Seip says:


      I think Mason deserves more than one season at the helm before we jump to any conclusions. He had five players retire in the middle of the season, which is more than I believe Andy Etchebarren experienced during almost four seasons combined (2009-2012). Mason signed a talented roster, and yes they didn’t perform up to expectations, but how much of that is Mason’s fault? What moves did he make that were obvious mistakes? He signed OF Jason Repko and OF Jeff Fiorentino in the preseason and both men retired at very young ages — with both of them still playing at a high level. Repko played in the big leagues last year, so is Mason supposed to avoid the best players on the market for fear they won’t last the season?

      The team’s biggest weak spot has been its pitching staff, which was rarely an issue under Mason as PC. Mason is working with John Halama, a man in his first season as a coach. And remember, these two had never worked together before this season. The team still had six players signed and it currently has the fourth-best record in an eight-team league. No, that’s not great. But it’s also not a firing offense.

      As far as the Tomko start, the team is sitting 10 games behind Sugar Land in the second-half standings, and about 14 games out of the wild card. Granting Tomko a chance to end his career on his terms probably means more than inching a game closer to some playoff spot that’s waaaaaay out of reach. Mason rewarded a player that gave everything despite being 40 and in his final season. I would argue that by allowing Tomko to throw a complete-game in his finale, Mason did something that will do way more good than a meaningless win in August could have accomplished. Players talk, and you would have to think they would notice things like awarding a veteran a chance to win his final game. Tomko can’t win the game if he’s losing in the seventh. Will players sign with York for this reason, perhaps not, but who knows? I tend to think it was the right thing to do.


      • Larry Shaffer says:

        Does any one else notice how deep our outfielders play?

        I am so tired of seeing our pitchers make good pitches only to be hurt by bloop hits. Yes some bloop hits can not be helped, but when the outfielder is playing 2 steps from the warning track something is wrong. Who positions the outfielders? I rarely see a coach move one!

        I was always told a pitcher makes a good pitch he should be rewarded. If he makes a bad pitch and the batter hits it deep…. as deep are our outfielders are playing it over the fence anyway. Maybe it just another reason we are losing. But lets give our pitchers a chance. Comments please!

      • Larry Shaffer says:


        I read your article in the Sunday Paper. I see the Revs are going to make the big mistake and rehire Mase.

        First I must say, that a reporter usually uses facts when writing. You had said of the 10 players in the opening day lineup only 2, Sal and Andre are still here. Well I assume when you said 10 you meant the pitcher too. Wasn’t Corey in the opening day lineup?? Plus in one of your replies, you said it was ok to Let Tomko go out on his own terms, that the Revs are 14 games out of a wild card spot. Well that sure was not true at that time. We trailed Lancaster by 1 1/2 games and Southern Md. was less then 5 games behind Long Island. Maybe you were not sure how the wild card works if both divisional winners of the first half repeat as second half champions.

        As for Tomko, are we talking about the same person that never showed up for autograph sessions or did not attend the MANATORY team golf Tournament. Along with Patterson, who once signed to affiliated ball, made the comment The Atlantic Leagues sucks. He too was too good to appear at the outing.

        People paid very good money to attend and hoped to socialize with the players. Guess Tomko and Patterson were too good for that.

        The last few days has been nothing short of watching the team, NOT hustle, NOT care and make so many mental mistakes, a fan said to me, why don’t they leave now and refund our season ticket money for these non important games, where the players seem to be here for the check.

        The first year the box seat was $8 and now it is $12. The players are a reflection of the manager and they do not respect Mase.

        Everyone keeps using the excuse the players left, well in the first 9 games where the team won, 1-0 opening night, then lost games during that stretch, 2-1, 13-1, 2-1, 13-2, 2-0, and 2-1. NOT exactly a lot of run support by the HAND PICKED team.

        Mase has a proven track record of losing and has never had a winning season as manager. I guess that is what the Revs want. Well attendance was down this year, so things need to change.

        Thanks for letting me blow off some steam, and let people know there are lots of fans not happy with Mase.

        With a lose tonight, we will have our worst home record ever.

      • Larry Shaffer says:


        You seem to defend Mase’s actions when it came time to “Let Tomko go out” in his own way. HE DESERVED it, is what you said.

        Last night in Sugarland with the MOST famous player in Rev’s history, pitching his last outing of the year, and maybe his Rev’s career, Mase takes Thurman out of a meaningless game, (your words not mine) with 2 out in the 7th inning and the Rev’s down by only 1 run. Yes Thurm had thrown 113 pitches but he has all winter and maybe forever to rest his arm.

        First is there such a thing as a meaningless game?? ASK Thurm if that was meaningless with his family from Texas there, as Daryl Henry had remarked on the broadcast.

        Second I love to hear why you felt Mase owed it to Tomko to let him finish, and NOT Thurm!!

        What’s your reasoning for that?? Plus I have giving lots of PROOF why Mase has no proven track record managing anywhere he has been. SO LETS hear why HE deserves another year. You say turnover. ALL teams have turnover! Sugarland has had starting pitchers signed all year, but seem to reload just fine.

        So lets hear your facts!

  2. Tom says:

    I agree with much of what Larry said but, I also think one year is not enough to judge someone. I will be curious too see what can of talent the Rev’s will sign next year only then will we know what other players in the league think.

    • Larry Shaffer says:


      Yes but it was Mase himself that said a day or two after the Tomko game, that we are still in this, we have it in our own hands.

      As for the talent, yes and that was his mistake, other teams took a lot of minor league talent, not players that wanted to be here for a month to see if they get picked up! Tomko was a gamer, he stayed for the team and blew a lot of his own money being here.

      And as for the pitching, yes it struggled! BUT the defense was sure a big part of that! We lead the league in unearned runs and errors.

  3. Larry Shaffer says:


    I hate to disagree with you, but as of when you wrote your reply we were only 4-5 games out of the wildcard.

    As a matter of fact if we would have beat Long Island in the series up at their place the last time we were there, and then gone on to Southern Maryland and lost those games to them, we would be right there, only having to beat out Lancaster. But it went the opposite way and we did more harm to our chances by again going to Long Island and losing to them. SO THE GAME Tomko was left in with the Rev’s trailing 3-2 sure was not meaningless.

    And if we are doing favors for certain players, why not have left Chris Cody in to see if He could have set the Rev’s record for complete game shutouts or let Corey Thurman try to get out of the 7th with 2 outs and down by only one run??? Yes Cody was hit by a ball, but said he felt fine. Thurman is slowly closing in on the all time wins record for the Atlantic League. Both these players have been there for York, in the bad and good times and IF ANYONE is owed a favor, it sure would be them 2.

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