York/Adams connections to MLB


Birthplace listed (HS if necessary)

Stewart “Doc” Bowers, New Freedom
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 1935-36
Career: 15 games
Team: Red Sox

Gene Crumling pictured during his brief time in the major leagues. (Submitted/YDR file photo)

Gene Crumling, Wrightsville
Position: Catcher
Season: 1945
Career: 6 games
Team: Cardinals

George Decker, York
Position: First baseman/outfielder
Seasons: 1892-1899
Career: 701 games
Teams: Chicago Colts, St. Louis Perfectos, Louisville Colonels, Washington Senators

Northern York graduate Cody Eppley pitches in Game 1 of ALCS Oct. 13, 2012. (AP)

Cody Eppley, Harrisburg (Northern York)
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 2011-present
Career: 69 games
Teams: Rangers, Yankees

Greg Gross has had two stints as a hitting coach with the Philadelphia Phillies. (AP)

Greg Gross, York (Red Land)
Position: Outfielder
Seasons: 1973-89
Career: 1,809 games
Teams: Astros, Cubs, Phillies

Henry “Hinkey” Haines, Red Lion
Position: Outfielder
Season: 1923
Career: 28 games
Team: Yankees

Clifton “Cliff” Heathcote, Glen Rock
Position: Outfielder
Seasons: 1918-32
Career: 1,415 games
Teams: Cardinals, Cubs, Phillies

William “Heinie” Heltzel, York
Position: Infielder
Seasons: 1943-44
Career: 40 games
Teams: Boston Braves, Phillies

Northern York graduate Anthony Lerew pitches for the Royals on July 20, 2010. (AP)

Anthony Lerew, Carlisle (Northern York)
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 2005-07, 2009-10
Career: 20 games (entering 2012 season)
Team: Atlanta Braves, Royals, SoftBank Hawks (Japan)

Norman Plitt, York
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 1918, 1927
Career: 23 games
Teams: Brooklyn Dodgers, Yankees

Ken Raffensberger pitched in the major leagues for 15 seasons and ended his professional career by pitching for the York White Roses in 1955. (YDR file)

Ken Raffensberger, York
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 1939-41, 1943-54
Career: 396 games
Teams: Cardinals, Cubs, Phillies, Reds

Danny Sheaffer, Jacksonville, Fla. (Red Land H.S.) 
Position: C, 3B, OF 
Seasons: 1987, 1989, 1993-97 
Career: 389 games
Teams: Red Sox, Indians, Rockies, Cardinals 
Ray Shearer, Jacobus
Position: Left fielder
Seasons: 1957
Career: 2 games
Team: Milwaukee Braves

John Siegel, York
Position: Third base
Seasons: 1884
Career: 8 games
Team: Philadelphia Keystones

Gene Snyder, York
Position: Pitcher
Season: 1959
Career: 11 games
Team: L.A. Dodgers

Jim Spencer, Hanover (Andover High School, Linthicum, Md.)
Position: First baseman/Outfielder
Seasons: 1968-82
Career: 1,553 games
Teams: Angels, Rangers, White Sox, Yankees, Oakland A’s

Paul “Country Jake” Stephens, Pleasureville
Position: Infielder
Seasons: 1921-37
Career: 17 seasons (statistics incomplete)
Teams: Hilldale Daisies, Philadelphia Giants, Homestead Grays, Pittsburgh Crawfords, Philadelphia Stars, N.Y. Black Yankees

Vic Wertz, York (Reading High School)
Position: Outfielder/First Baseman
Seasons: 1947-63
Career: 1,862 games
Teams: Tigers, Cardinals, O’s, Indians, Red Sox, Twins

Butch Wynegar and Brooks Robinson talk before a game. (Photo submitted by York’s George Trout.)

Harold “Butch” Wynegar, York
Position: Catcher
Seasons: 1976-88
Career: 1,301 games
Teams: Twins, Yankees, Angels


Born or raised in the county

John Dopson, Baltimore, Md. (Delone Catholic)
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 1985-94
Career: 144 games
Teams: Expos, Red Sox, Angels

Louis “Bull” Durham (born Louis Staub), New Oxford
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 1904, 1907-09
Career: 9 games
Teams: Brooklyn Dodgers, Senators, N.Y. Giants

Elmer Myers, York Springs
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 1915-22
Career: 185 games
Teams: Philadelphia A’s, Indians, Red Sox

Pictured in this undated photo, Gettysburg’s Eddie Plank played for the Philadelphia A’s from 1910-1914. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1946. (AP)

Eddie Plank, Gettysburg
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 1901-17
Career: 623 games
Teams: Phil. A’s, St. Louis Terriers (Federal League), St. Louis Browns

Bill “Wee Willie” Sherdel, McSherrystown
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 1918-32
Career: 514 games
Teams: Cardinals, Boston Braves

Carroll Yerkes, McSherrystown
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 1927-33
Career: 25 games
Teams: Phil. A’s, Reds


German Barranca
Connection: Lived in York
Position: Designated hitter
Seasons: 1979-82
Career: 67 games
Teams: Royals, Reds

Gene Clines
Connection: Played in York 1968-69, lived in York 1969-1990s
Position: Outfielder
Seasons: 1970-79
Career: 870 games
Teams: Pirates, Mets, Rangers, Cubs (and longtime coach)
Thomas “Lefty” George
Connection: Married York resident, lived/played here
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 1911, 1912, 1915, 1918
Career: 52 games
Teams: St. Louis Browns, Indians, Reds, Boston Braves
Tim Hamulack
Connection: Lives in York
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 2005-06
Career: 39 games
Teams: Mets, L.A. Dodgers

Chris Hoiles
Connection: Relocated to York County from Ohio during his managing tenure with the York Revolution.
Position: Catcher
Seasons: 1989-1998
Career: 894 games
Teams: Orioles

Mark Hendrickson
Connection: Family relatives from York, lives in York
Position: Pitcher
Seasons: 2002-2011
Career: 328 games
Teams: Blue Jays, Devil Rays, L.A. Dodgers, Marlins, Orioles