The Comics Closet

Vending comic books and tabletop games yields a community having the stalwart attitude of a coral reef with the alacrity of a police roadblock.

The Comics Closet, a comic books/gaming/general nerdery facility, opened up next to the ‘e Steam Vapes store in a far-flung wing of the Mason-Dixon Plaza in Shrewsbury – a site notorious for being the grave of many successions of failed businesses, but that problem shouldn’t strike the Closet.

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Wimmer, Global Studies Students Recognize York Groups

Although some students in Central York High School want to leave York immediately after graduation, York is improving. Mr. Wimmer and his first and second period students decided to recognize seven groups that are making a positive impact on York.

It all started in the first marking period when students chose a global issue that interested them. Some students chose drug wars, or more timely topics like ebola. Then they created a timeline outlining the key events in the past 50 years for their topic. Once completed they teamed up with a partner with a similar topic. For stage two, Wimmer’s students contacted an organization that contributed to fixing the issue locally. Then they created an infographic and  were left with the task of coming up with a creative way to portray the information they learned in the past two stages. Some examples of these were a brochure of a drug rehabilitation center or a fitness plan to lose weight.

For stage three, Mr. Wimmer asked his students to organize themselves into groups among people who had similar topics. Next he proposed the idea that two students from each group would give a presentation, a pecha kucha. A pecha kucha is a presentation that has 20 slides and each slide is 20 seconds in length. This presentation would be held at the LSC building, across from the York Revolution Stadium on North George Street, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. on January 13th, 2015. Between the two class periods there were seven groups chosen. Once the group members came together they had to decide how they would grade the different organizations they had to choose from. The end result being that at the event they would give the Focus Forward Award to a representative of the organization chosen. The seven groups chosen include Arts in the Park, Children’s Home of York, Healthy York County Coalition, Leg Up Farm, Think Loud, York Community Progress Council, and York County Crime Stoppers.

Two of Mr.Wimmer’s second period students, Kian Tabatabai and Parth Gami, both sophomores presented their groups Focus Forward Award to Think Loud. When asked about the event, Parth Gami said “I’m excited to see 4 months of hard work all come together in a great conclusion.” Gami and Tabatabai presented the award to

The idea behind the award is to make it look like a tornado but rough around the edges. The tornado is supposed to represent York and the rough edges are the things that York can improve on. The idea of the award was created by Nolan Thomas, a sophomore in Mr.Wimmer’s first period class. Another part of the award that the groups had to think of is the color of the award. The color of the award would have to signify the organization they chose in some way. Mr. Wimmer has a history of in depth projects in the past like last year when he did a film festival. When asked about what the semester long project will be for next semester Wimmer said “it’s still in the works.”


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Red Lion is hosting their first in-house science fair on Jan. 24

This is the time of year when every store is out of posters, craft shops have empty shelves and students are making discoveries in the name of science.

This is science fair season.

Completing a science fair project is not mandatory for all students at Red Lion Area Senior High School, but many students are going above and beyond the ordinary requirements.

Last year, there was a record number of Red Lion students who participated in the York County Science and Engineering Fair. This year, teachers and students want to continue this tradition and encourage more students to go to science fair.

So,  students have joined together for the first time to form Red Lion’s Science Fair Club. These students are also organizing Red Lion’s first In-House Science Fair.

According to Valerie Stone, a science teacher at Red Lion and the coordinator of the In-House Science Fair, 111 projects are entered for the senior division, which includes students in grades 10-12. An additional 82 projects are registered for the junior division, which includes students in grades 7-9. Stone is expecting a total of about 200 boards to be presented during the fair.

“This will be a great way for Red Lion students to prepare for the York County Science Fair,” Stone said.

The public open house will take place on Jan. 24 from 2 p.m. until 3 p.m. The awards ceremony is scheduled for 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

If there is snow, the public open house will be cancelled and the awards ceremony will be rescheduled to take place during school hours.

The club is responsible for setting up all 200 boards and cleaning up after the event is over.

“We are going to spend at least three hours on Friday and Saturday to set up for the science fair. Then we have to do cleanup too.” said Glori Keough, a sophomore who is involved with the club.

Although a lot of work is about to come their way, the members could not be more excited.

“I am happy to be able to say that I was part of the first science fair at Red Lion,” said Keough.


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The woes of being average height

You always hear so much about how much of a pain it is to be short or abnormally tall, but what about those of us who are just of average height? I think those of us who are normal height are sadly overlooked or maybe we just do not complain about it as much as our tall and short counterparts. Nevertheless, it is still a struggle to be so painfully normal. The average height of a woman is 5’7 and for men it is 6’1. Do you know how difficult it is to be so mediocre? Here are some of the woes of being average height:

1) Going shopping is a traumatic experience. There are so many people that are average height that all of the sizes that you want are sold out. Forget trying to find clothes at a store when they are having a sale. It is like a free for all to see who can get the average size first. But average size does not even guarantee that it will fit right. Most often, clothes are either too short or too long depending on the brand.
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Retail store walk in love. grows customers with faith-based mission


Photography by Brooke Courtney / Model: Kelsey Courtney


walk in love. began in 2005, when founder T.J. Mousetis decided to sell t-shirts with the words “walk in love” on them to raise money for a mission trip. Nearly 10 years later, it is now a thriving, profitable business in Lancaster, Pa. The company is dedicated to producing “well-designed, high quality products with a positive and inspiring message.” walk in love. has evolved with the dedication of T.J., his wife Brooke Courtney, and dozens of artists, interns and employees, as well as thousands of fans and customers.

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Local students share their holiday favorites

Some students from Susquehannock High School offered their opinions on the signs of Christmas and a few of their holiday favorites.



Josh Wheeler (11th grade, SHS)

Favorite movie: ” ‘Elf,’ because I’m a big Will Ferrell fan and I think it’s hilarious.”

Favorite Song: “Twelve Days of Christmas

Favorite food: Candy canes

Wheeler says he knows it’s Christmas time when he sees Christmas lights decorating houses. “[My family doesn’t] do anything crazy, but [we] will go around and look at other people’s houses.”
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The life behind the teacher

Katie Anderson is an English teacher at Central York High School.

Katie Anderson is an English teacher at Central York High School.

To Katie Anderson, her job has always been about much more than teaching a curriculum. It’s not just getting students to turn in their homework, study for tests or pass the class. It’s about making a difference in their lives.

Anderson has been an English teacher at Central York High School for the past five years where she teaches a range of different classes to freshman, juniors and seniors. She has also taught various grade levels in Florida and Massachusetts.

Anderson, who’s shared her work at the state level, said that her decision to be a teacher started when she was young.

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The Impact of Newly Implemented Fundraising Policies

The Healthy Hunger-Free Act was implemented by the United States Department of Agriculture for all school related fundraisers.

These newly formed policies state that a maximum of 10 clubs per school can use candy or other sweets in their fundraiser.

There are some loopholes that exist in the guidelines, such as that sweets not intended for consumption in school can be sold. Also, if a club would like to sell candy, then it must be verified by the school.

Central Saves Kids, a club affected significantly by the policies is headed by Zach Huynh, a senior, and Parth Gami, sophomore. The club funds support for people in foreign countries that are less fortunate. “The profit made from the previous candy sale two years ago was pretty good, and with that money, the club was able to help a child in Bolivia,” Gami said. This year the club is looking to move on and provide support to someone once again, only in a different area.

In the past, the club has sold Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids, but with the policy changes their product evolved to spirit wear. “I didn’t know there was a limit of the clubs allowed to sell sweet foods for fundraising before,” both Gami and Huynh said. “The club has had great success in the past with selling food,” said Gami.

When asked about the policies, Parth said, “It came as a sort of shock to Zach and I. The concept was brought to our attention during the school year.” The club now has to move away from the idea of a food fundraiser and find other fundraising options that will also be successful and possibly not just spirit wear.

“I think that the new policies will decrease the amount of success that we will have in fundraising. It’s easier to sell a type of candy and be successful with it compared to an item that is not a food,” Parth said.

Looking ahead to next school year, “The club will look to find other ways of fundraising excluding food,” Parth said. “The club has to be more creative and critical on the fundraisers that we might want to do.” Parth said.

Some of the most prominent of the clubs accepted is Science Olympiad, whose members sell chocolate such as Hershey bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kats.

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From She & Him to Ben Howard; A Christmas Playlist

I have recently been searching for some Christmas music and was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the artists that I listen to have done covers of Christmas songs, or in some cases, written their own! I hope you enjoy this little playlist that I made and are inspired as you enjoy the lovely winter season. Merry Christmas!

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Lanny Frattare speaks to aspiring journalists

Perhaps the famous quote “Go ball, get outta here – it’s gone!” said by Lanny Frattare, the famous sports broadcaster for the Pittsburgh Pirates for 33 years, best describes his career. Frattare, certainly a legend in sports broadcasting, does not consider himself as such.

“I try to fight worrying about legacy,” said Frattare.

Lanny Frattare inspires people with his amazing story of overcoming obstacles.

Lanny Frattare inspires people with his amazing story of overcoming obstacles.

Success was not an easy thing for him to gain, but with incredible determination and perseverance, Frattare knows that anything is possible. Frattare’s dream of becoming a sports announcer all started when he was just a child in Rochester, NY.

“My family gave me a tape recorder with a record player and a microphone when I was just 14 years old,” said Frattare.

From word go, his family was supportive of his aspirations and did all they could to help him reach his goals. Frattare’s father helped him create a radio station in the basement and announced his brother’s baseball games from the front of the family car.

“I feel sorry for people who do not have strong family lives,” said Frattare.

He attended Ithaca College in New York, where he did everything he could to enhance his career. On the weekends, Frattare worked at a local radio station from midnight to 6 a.m. Once he graduated from college, Frattare was hired as a disk jockey for 4 years.

“I was terrible at it,” said Frattare.

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