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Holidays worth the hassle

DAN LANNON YDR Teen Takeover staff Oh, there’s nothing like the hustle and bustle of the holidays. From the parties, cooking and baking, to gift-wrapping, it seems the list never ends. But the biggest production is the traveling that many … Continue reading

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Suggested resolution: Read

By JAKE MOKRIS YDR Teen Takeover staff It’s time for New Year’s resolutions, and teenagers are not exempt. If you can’t think of any resolutions, I have a suggestion: Read a book.

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Court not qualified to judge science

By JAKE MOKRIS Teen Takeover staff Finally, the Dover trial, the climax of a series of events that started more than a year ago, is over. But fortunately, that trial is not the final word on the issue of the … Continue reading

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Bashing Wal-Mart a waste of time

By STEPHANIE BROTHERS Teen Takeover staff Last week on the radio, I heard a very catchy advertisement. It was set to the tune of “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town.

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Holiday commercialization has gone too far

By ALY OWEN Teen Takeover staff Houses sparkle along the streets with only the help of indoor lamps. Lawns glisten with green, and occasionally, the rare scattered lawn gnome. The only things decorated in malls and stores are the various … Continue reading

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Charity bells are ringing

By Jake Mokris Homeschooled The holiday season has begun. Houses are illuminated with decorations, Christmas trees shine through windows, and unfortunately, snow already covers the ground.

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It’s time for American leadership to break the mold

By Urja Dave, West York Area High School America: the country that millions dream about for asylum and opportunity. The country whose liberties and freedoms are summed up in one symbol — the American flag. There’s no doubt the United … Continue reading

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Parking hassles for Red Land seniors

By Stephanie Brothers, Senior, Red Land High School One of the biggest privileges of being a senior at Red Land High School is to park in the upper parking lot. As a junior, you are only allowed to park in … Continue reading

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