Charity bells are ringing

By Jake Mokris
The holiday season has begun. Houses are illuminated with decorations, Christmas trees shine through windows, and unfortunately, snow already covers the ground.

Salvation Army volunteers started ringing their bells not too long ago. Also noticeable are the people standing on the side of the road asking for donations to their charity organizations. While I am glad that charity organizations have volunteers asking for donations, these volunteers do not always exhibit the “holiday spirit.

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2 Responses to Charity bells are ringing

  1. Stephen Douglas says:

    Great article Jake, I just happen to have an ole High School Classmate who rings the bell at the Kroger Store, & he volunteer’s a lot. My good friend will enjoy seeing this great article.

  2. joyce says:

    There are many good people giving of their time and you are right,we should thank them in some way. However, there are individuals who turn you off. Giving should come from the heart. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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