Hate for President Bush uncalled for

Teen Takeover staff
To many people, the presidency is a sort of dream job. The job does have a certain allure: The president occupies the highest office in the United States, and he is one of the most important and most famous people in the country. His salary is relatively large. Almost every time elementary school students are assigned an essay on their choice for their future occupations, one of the students wants to be the president. Much commotion and discussion surrounds the election of new presidents, and the president is highly honored by all Americans.
Actually, that last sentence is not entirely true.

The president is definitely not highly honored by all Americans. Pick up a newspaper, and there is a good chance that a caricature of President Bush will be in the opinion section. People hate President Bush, and they are not silent about it. They ridicule him, despise him and call him names, and the list goes on. They blame him for both national and personal problems. Such actions are so common that an alliterative phrase has been coined to encompass them: Bush-bashing.
Why do people hate the president? No one needs to hate him. We would be wrong to hate President Bush just because he holds certain political views; to do so would be discrimination. But that seems to be the reason people hate him. Perhaps the president should accuse these detractors of committing hate crimes.
Neither can we hate the president for carrying out his views by passing or vetoing legislation; that is the president’s job. And we do not completely know the reasoning behind his decisions, for he might act on information that we are not allowed to see.
The president is not a dolt; he’s the president. Every day, President Bush handles extremely difficult situations pertaining to the war in Iraq, terrorism, immigration, the economy, natural disasters and foreign relations. He is in charge of deciding what laws will govern a nation of almost 300 million people. And these 300 million people watch his every move. How would you feel if you had to deal with all that? And how would you like to see yourself in the newspaper every morning, portrayed with pointy ears and as making stupid statements? The presidency is not an easy job, and it is not as fun as many people might think.
I do not agree with all of the president’s views and policies, but I do respect the president. He is the leader of our country, and he deserves all the respect that comes with holding that office. We should respect anyone who becomes president, whether that person is a Democrat or a Republican.
Jake Mokris is a homeschooled student and member of the Teen Takeover staff.

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5 Responses to Hate for President Bush uncalled for

  1. Kathy says:

    I recall former President Clinton, during an interview last year, stating that the president should not be a cartoon character.
    As for respect, unfortunately, many people today do not have appropriate respect for authority. They don’t realize the hard work, sacrifice, heart ache, and decisions that go with command.

  2. Seth says:

    First of all…to back up the recent polls, less than 50% of American citizens support the president’s actions during his presidency.
    Sure the president is doing his job, but he is also abusing the right that he is the number one person in America and anything he says basically goes.
    Take this whole spy leak scandal. Bush is spying on American’s who make calls to other nations. Then let’s take another issue of your brother or sister eavesdropping on your phonecall. You don’t approve of your sibling listening in, so why should people approve of the government doing it?
    Some may consider this comment a teribly “leftist” statement, but let me tell you that this whole article is horribly “rightist”. So before you right another article, come up with better supporting arguments other than “it’s his job.”

  3. Kathy says:

    Seth says, “less than 50% of American citizens support the president’s actions.”
    Unfortunately, many people think that leadership means doing what is popular and that a good leader is also a popular leader. Good leaders make hard decisions that are very often unpopular with the people. President Lincoln was not popular with the south during the Civil War. Adolf Hitler was popular with many of his people. If President Bush or any president were just making decisions that would benefit him, he would make the popular decision and enjoy good ratings. It’s not easy being a leader and making those hard decisions. This is not a “leftist” or “rightist” opinion, but an opinion based on leadership traits and principles.

  4. Katie says:

    First, let me say to Republicans and Democrats, (in the words of Benjamin Rush) “I am neither. I am a Christ-o-crat.”
    I do not hate the President, and I don’t hate those who hate the President, but I would like to point something out about Kathy’s last paragraph and make a general response to the original article.
    She pointed out that some people disagreed with Lincoln and “many” people agreed with Hitler. That is true, but the inference is wrong. Those who were helped by Lincoln’s policies (i.e. internal improvements and protective tariffs) were pleased with his presidency. Inversely, those who were afflicted and opressed and killed by Hitler were not appreciative of his administration.
    This pattern follows in America. Many of those who are benefiting from the President’s policies are supportive of him, while those whose rights are being infringed upon are not.
    For example, when trying to cut budgets, no one wants to lose funding. (Everyone wants lower taxes, but no one wants government to stop pumping money into their favortie programs). Welfare (aka Socialism, aka Communism) is unfortunately becoming a way of life in America. People rely on government for things they shouldn’t. The true responsibilities of government are to punish evil and promote good.
    “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both,” (attributed to Benjamin Franklin). We need to get back to the Bible and the original intent of the Constitution if we wish well for our country. God cannot bless America if America does not repent. Just some things to think about.

  5. Stephen Douglas says:

    I certaintly respect Mr. Mokris view’s on respecting the Presidency. Regardless of who is running the Country, be it Republician or Democrat, we have no ideal of just how difficult it is to make such tough decision’s daily, & to represent himself regardless of who poke’s fun at him, he Hang’s in there, going about his business. If not for President Bush’s attach on Iraq & the Middle East, those bozo’s would probably be over here bombing more civilian’s. This article should be sent to the President, just to show our thank’s. This is AMERICA folk’s, the best country in the World, & President Bush is probably underpaid in the Great job that he does.. Way to Go JAKE…

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