Dog days for joggers

By Jake Mokris
Teen Takeover staff
In my experience, dogs are not always man’s best friends. I have had more than one bad encounter with dogs: Since I jog around my neighborhood, dogs frequently bark at me and sometimes chase me. Recently, I started running on a different course because of the dogs that live at certain houses along one road. I do not have a fear of dogs in and of themselves, but I do have to be wary of dogs while I run.
A family might think that its dog is gentle and restrained, but that cannot be completely ascertained. Even if it is well behaved indoors, the family dog has the potential to become aggressive when a stranger runs by on the sidewalk.

Every few years, dogs injure or kill someone. In some cases, the dogs were abused or treated in a way that would make them antagonistic, but in others, the owners were not paying attention to what their dogs were doing. Dog owners must keep their dogs under their control; that is Pennsylvania law. Leaving dogs unattended and unleashed in front yards is unwise; small dogs might be hurt, and large dogs could hurt someone. All dogs might wander off.
If you put your dog in your yard, either keep it on a leash that is attached to a sturdy object or stay outside with the dog. Some townships and boroughs have leash laws, so if you own a dog, contact your local government to learn those laws.
Above all, be considerate. Dogs can bother or unsettle people, so take your dog inside if it often barks at the people walking by.

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4 Responses to Dog days for joggers

  1. Scott says:

    Once when I was running, a boxer chased me and I could feel its hot breath on my legs.

  2. eaves says:

    I realize some people have a fear of dogs when they are not on a leash and I agree with you they should always be behind a fence or on a leash. It upsets me greatly when a child is killed because a dog was loose; however, most dogs are a great companion and are very loving. My daugher has a lab who is part of our family. He does bark at men and we think he was abused by a man before she got him off the street where someone had dumped him.

  3. Mary says:

    I still remember when my father walked home from work, and during his walk he had no choice but to pass a house where there was a very large dog. My father was afraid of dogs, and this particular dog barked and ran at him every time he passed! The owner said, “My dog knows my boundary line,” but that wasn’t any comfort to my dad. The dog continued to roam free. In the end, my dad had to take the dog’s owner to court because there was a leash law in his town. The judge told the owner to keep his dog on the leash and warned him that it shouldn’t happen again. By the way, we had a dog, too, but we always kept her on a leash.

  4. Stephen Douglas says:

    Dear jake, there is one consoluation you have failed to mention, & that’s to check with your local Police Department. They all carry Dog Pepper Spray & if you would report your incident’s to them, I feel they would probably give you a can/with instruction’s as to how & when to use it. That is the situation in my community & it work’s well, especiallly just to have it on record with the local authorities.Hang in there Pal, you do good work..

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